The exterior design of this concept car offers aerodynamic performance optimized with its silhouette.

Opel presents its Experimental prototype in Zaragoza, which outlines the future of the brand

The interior is a “detox space” thanks to the release of elements, such as a steering wheel that folds when not necessary

María Esteruelas Caldu Friday, February 2, 2024 / 17:55

Opel presented its Opel Experimental prototype this Thursday at the Mobility City in Zaragoza , which brings together the design and manufacturing characteristics that the brand will follow for the future . As a way forward, this prototype includes several new features, for example, the absence of chrome or the detection of other exterior elements through fabrics, which will be included in the new electric models that will be produced starting this year. Therefore, these innovations will not reach the Figueruelas plant , where the Opel Corsa-e is assembled.

As the director of Opel in Spain and Portugal, Vincent Lehóucq, has pointed out, with this prototype the brand shows “a very futuristic, very efficient and 100% electric line , which prepares the present and the future of the automotive industry.” A commitment to drawing up a model for the manufacture of electric vehicles, within a market that in Spain is “going slowly” . “We are around 5% of sales when the European average exceeds 12% and there are countries that are already at 25%, there is still much to do ” he noted.

As problems for increasing sales, Lehóucq has ruled out the price, but has pointed to a need to improve the charging structure in Spain and for customers to decide to “take the leap” towards electrification. “There is aid from the Government of Spain, up to 10,000 euros, and if you compare the price of an electric vehicle with a conventional one, it is already very close,” he stressed.

The presentation ceremony was also attended by the Minister of Housing, Mobility and Development of the Government of Aragon, Octavio López, who has stressed the importance of the automotive sector in the community and of the Opel brand in particular since its arrival 42 years ago. . Furthermore, he has assured that “all the future plans that are being promoted will be crystallized”, an objective for which he has shown the express commitment of the Executive.


The exterior design of this concept car offers optimized aerodynamic performance with its silhouette , which highlights the absence of chrome and the presence of spoilers at the front and rear. The interior is a “detox space” thanks to the release of elements, such as a steering wheel that folds when not necessary and adaptive seats with 3D mesh technology fabrics, among others.

Additionally, drivers can customize information to their needs in the Tech Bridge, a new interpretation of the Pure Panel seen on current Opel models. Instead of conventional screens, information or entertainment is presented using augmented projection technology supported by artificial intelligence and natural voice control.

The seats are adaptive with 3D mesh technology fabrics
The seats are adaptive with 3D mesh technology fabrics

This prototype can be seen on display at the Mobility City museum until February 14 , accompanied by the six generations of Opel Corsa that show the history of this model manufactured in Figueruelas , of which more than 15 million units have been sold throughout the world. the world. These last six models can be seen until February 29.