Interior of the annex warehouse of the Europe Platform, commissioned at the end of the year

Zaragoza and Inditex: a story of love and logistics

The macro logistics center that Inditex is going to build in the Malpica industrial estate means redoubling its commitment to the Aragonese capital as a major transport node

Raúl Gascón Tella Sunday, March 17, 2024 / 10:36

The macro logistics center that Inditex is going to build in the Malpica industrial estate means much more than a mere merchandise warehouse for the multinational. It is not only that the textile giant is going to locate one of its largest distribution platforms in the world in Zaragoza, but it means redoubling its commitment to the Aragonese capital as a major transport node for the entire universe created by Amancio Ortega, through of a love story (and logistics) of more than two decades.

Because Inditex knew how to calibrate the relevant geostrategic location of Zaragoza from minute 1, and already in 2001 it chose a still incipient Plaza to install a large distribution center for Zara women’s clothing that soon became too small. Since the beginning of the project, the company’s investment in the Aragonese capital, in the so-called European Platform , has already exceeded 600 million euros, and the workforce is currently estimated at around 2,000 people.

Not in vain, this Europe Platform has undergone successive expansions in its 21 years of life, since its launch in 2003. The last one, recently launched, has consisted of the construction of an annex warehouse with a new robotic silo , with the last technology for the efficient storage of hanging garments, and auxiliary services for the reception and treatment of merchandise, as well as a new space for truck parking.

With this expansion, Inditex would increase its storage capacity in Zaragoza by 20%, from where new products and the latest fashion are provided to the more than 2,000 Zara stores around the world, moving 600 trucks and 50 freighters a week. In fact, practically twice the goods moved at Zaragoza Airport are from Inditex, which has catapulted it as the second largest in cargo in the entire country, even surpassing Barcelona.


Now, Inditex has further redoubled its commitment to the Aragonese capital, and will build its fifth large distribution center in the world in its surroundings, along with those in Arteixo (A Coruña), Meco (Madrid), Lelystad (The Netherlands) and the other from Zaragoza, that is, two of the five main logistics points of Amancio Ortega’s textile giant will be located in Aragón. The location, the availability of land at competitive prices and the industrial climate are just three of the reasons that justify Inditex’s presence in Zaragoza.

This is how the Inditex logistics center in Malpica will look, with the large warehouse and the six logistics silos around it

It will not be a minor investment. If this European Platform has about 240,000 square meters, the new logistics center, which Inditex calls Zaragoza II, will contribute another 286,000 square meters to the group’s global logistics capacity on a plot of 400,000. In addition, it will measure 432 meters long, longer than the Paseo de Independencia or four football fields, and 304 meters wide.

It will also be complemented by six logistics silos, three 34 meters high and another three 25 meters high, which will be highly robotic, to store all Zara material. All of them will add 77,000 square meters of storage to the distribution center.

The implementation of the project will be gradual until reaching, within ten years , maximum activity with 1,500 workers . Inditex’s plans call for starting the first operations during the second half of 2025, with the aspiration of it being a global benchmark in technology and sustainability.