The company's operating profit grew by 70% compared to 2022

Sesé achieves the best result in its history with more than 1,000 million euros in business volume

The company closed 2023 with a historical business volume of 1,040 million euros, 14% more than the previous year. Operating profit (EBITDA) grew to 63 million, 70% more than in 2022

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Sesé has presented the best results in its history and faces the future with a solid business structure. In 2023, the company reached a volume of 1,040 million euros , which represents a 14% increase over the previous year. Operating profit grew by 70% compared to 2022, reaching 63 million. Record figures that maintain the positive trend and continued growth established in previous years.

The company recorded a first semester with good results and a strong operating performance that allowed it to solidly face a second semester marked by the slowdown in general consumption and an environment of high inflation. Thanks to the favorable development of operations, as well as efficient expense control work, Sesé has managed to close the year with the best results in its history.

Alfonso Sesé, president of Sesé , highlighted that “Sesé’s business structure is increasingly solid and allows us to look to the future with stability and confidence. The results obtained in 2023 are the result of a strategy based on the creation of value throughout the entire supply chain ; the constant search for excellence in our operations and the firm commitment to the projects and the people behind them. “We are confident of maintaining this trend and progressively accelerating the development of the business in 2024.”

In 2023, Sesé recorded a positive performance of its automotive module assembly division , especially in the United States, where the consolidation of its axle assembly activity for electric and combustion vehicles has been a key boost to achieving results. The launch of new international transport businesses, as well as continued growth in markets such as Mexico and Brazil, have contributed fundamentally to the results obtained. Currently, international activity already accounts for 40% of the company’s global turnover.

“We face 2024 with a clear strategic plan based on three fundamental pillars: guaranteeing sustained and profitable growth; strengthen the business model by promoting its development; and foster a people-oriented organization. With this strategy and an attitude oriented toward excellence and constant improvement, we are convinced that we will maintain the company’s competitiveness in the long term,” added Sergio Treviño, CEO of Sesé .


The transition towards a more efficient and sustainable supply chain requires investment in media and technology; optimization of resources and digitalization of processes. With the aim of being an active part of this transformation and becoming an emissions-neutral company in 2050, Sesé has reduced its CO2 emissions by 30% in the last five years and, currently, 84% of the electricity it uses in its centers is already of renewable origin.

Sesé has a comprehensive plan of initiatives aimed at improving the efficiency of processes and positively impacting their decarbonization . In this sense, the president of Sesé has insisted on “the importance of having digital tools that allow for the best planning, the maximum possible reduction in emissions and, again, maximum efficiency. We move in a very changing and competitive environment that demands error-free supply chain management and we must be prepared.”

The company applies the most appropriate available technology for each specific need of the supply chain and its customers. Sesé has opted for renewable fuels and electrification as part of its decarbonization plan, not only for the transportation of goods, but also for the vehicles that circulate in its logistics facilities.

In 2023, the company began the first routes in Spain with duotrailers powered by Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and currently, 15% of its fleet in the country already operates with this technology, including 20 duotrailers, which allow reducing net CO2 emissions. 90%. Additionally, Sesé started its first 100% electric shuttle last year for short-haul air cargo transportation and has electric and lithium-ion forklifts in its logistics and assembly centers.

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