This is EspaZio Shanti, the feline corner of Zaragoza to do yoga or watch movies with cats

The enclosure promoted by the Feline Management and Protection of Aragon opens its doors as the first feline space in Aragon so that cats and humans can coexist in harmony

Emma Falcón Ricart Thursday, March 21, 2024 / 20:33

With a meow and a purr, Iron and Princess welcome Ana and MJ as they open the door to EspaZio Shanti. Quickly, Corina picks up her faithful monkey stuffed animal and starts playing with it. The Potter siblings , Minerva, Bellatrix and Snape, begin to make mischief under the watchful eye of her mother Molly, while Mandi  observes the panorama from above on her inseparable bookshelf in the cafe. Immediately, the EspaZio Shanti , located at 11 Miguel Servet Street in Zaragoza, becomes the setting for games, pampering and pranks so that cats and humans can coexist in harmony.

Promoted by the Aragon Feline Management and Protection Association (GYP), this place has just opened its doors as the first space in Aragon dedicated to feline well-being . “EspaZio Shanti was born from the need in society for animal awareness, more specifically, cats. It is a place to learn how these animals feel, and how they relate, but also as an alternative to increase adoptions, since, if someone becomes attached to one of the cats, they can adopt it ,” explains Ana Castel who, together with MJ and Marta, is part of the board of directors of GYP, an association that has been rescuing and physically and mentally healing stray cats in Zaragoza since 2021.

This place located in the center of Zaragoza is enabled so that the ten cats that live there can run and play

This large premises located in the center of the Aragonese capital is enabled so that the ten cats that live there can run and play, but also to fulfill a social function. And, as an innovative proposal, at EspaZio Shanti it is possible to spend anything from an afternoon of games, movies or yoga with the cats to awareness and craft workshops . “Anyone who wants to socialize, pamper and care for cats, who is respectful and willing to learn from them is welcome here,” GYP indicates. 

There are several spaces enabled for coexistence such as a reading corner

In this way, there are several spaces enabled for coexistence such as a self-café area, a social corner to work, study or chat with friends or a reading space to immerse yourself in the most original literary adventures. According to Ana, the most important space at EspaZio Shanti is the dissemination room , where training is given to both the association’s volunteers and the general population such as families, schools, institutes or other centers: “There are many people who do not know why their cats pee outside the litter box, or why they hiss or scratch them. We help them understand why, we help them know their cat’s personality and behavior . Many people who already had a cat have told us that after the training their relationship with the animal has improved.” 

Those interested in visiting this venue must reserve on the association’s website

Another of EspaZio Shanti’s objectives is to raise funds to continue rescuing animals, which is why they also have a charity store with books, toys, candy and personalized objects. Also for this reason, those who are interested in visiting this facility must book on the Aragón Feline Management and Protection website and make a donation of 10 euros to help save new lives. 


As explained by the Feline Management and Protection of Aragon, the vast majority of rescued cats come from families that have abandoned them, so it is common for them to be tame. However, not all cases are like this, and many disheartening stories have passed through the shelter: “ People do truly atrocious things with these animals .” Cats have been stigmatized all their lives, because they hiss or scratch, but the reality is that they are only defending themselves because they are afraid. Our intention is to make it known that they are beings full of love who have not had a good time .”  

Ana and MJ are two of those responsible for the Shanti Space

In the case of finding an abandoned cat, the association explains that the protocol of action is to call the local police and they are the ones who contact the shelters to collect the animal. Once captured, the cat is taken to the veterinarian and a diagnosis is made of its health, but also of its mental state. “Many kittens come with trauma, so our volunteers, in addition to giving them medication, dressing their wounds and washing them, act a bit as therapists. If we don’t get him to stop being afraid, it is very difficult to reintegrate him into society,” explains Ana.  

Currently GYP is in charge of around 200 cats distributed between EspaZio, a shelter and ten colonies spread throughout Zaragoza. “It is very difficult for us to say no to a rescue, so we need all the funds possible to continue saving lives. We hope that this space is a success, has a lot of diffusion and we can give our cats the life they deserve until they find a home definitive ”, they indicate.