Stellantis is already assembling 150,000 electric batteries while aid is urgently needed for the gigafactory

The president of Aragón, Jorge Azcón, has visited the Figueruelas plant, where he has demanded “justice and speed” for the arrival of funds for the battery gigafactory

Raúl Gascón Tella Friday, April 5, 2024 / 18:24

The Stellantis plant in Figueruelas continues to advance in its electrification and has already assembled more than 150,000 batteries in its two electric models, the Opel Corsa and the Peugeot 208 , in addition to the Citroën C4 of Madrid, and the Lancia Ypsilon will be added in the coming weeks. . A plant that wants to take new steps in its future after producing more than 15 million units of 20 different vehicles, of which 90% are sold outside Spain.

But the future involves evolving, and, translated into the language of the automotive industry, decarbonizing the industry and achieving the production of electric cars at an affordable price, especially when the European Union will prohibit the sale of gasoline vehicles in 2035. “These new requirements imply a tremendous acceleration from the industrial point of view . We need to achieve 100% electrification of the models with new electric platforms,” the director of the Figueruelas plant, José Luis Alonso, stressed this Friday.

For this reason, Stellantis has yet to confirm the award to Figueruelas of the STLA Small platform , key for the arrival of new models and the future of the factory in the short and medium term. The company has 54 million euros from the electric vehicle Perte recently allocated, in addition to another 10 from the Government of Aragon, to assume the large investment that this project would generate.

The director of the plant requires that Figueruelas maintain its level of competitiveness to qualify for new electric platforms

For this award to be carried out, the director of the plant requires that Figueruelas manage to “maintain its level of competitiveness” and “make a great effort to save costs”, which would allow it to “generate a turnover and operating margins that “They allow this transition to be financed by maintaining the activity.” “ Innovation , which we continue to promote, will be a fundamental lever to make the electric vehicle affordable and similar to the combustion vehicle,” he stressed.

Because one of the big drawbacks of the electric car is its price. Not in vain, the cost of the electric Peugeot 208 is practically double that of the combustion version, both assembled on the Stellantis lines in Figueruelas, with the appearance of vehicles from China impacting the market. “If the public administration encourages its purchase with more operational aid plans, a new advantageous tax system , the development of charging infrastructure , and support for necessary investments , we will probably be able to maintain leadership. If these are not the conditions, an enormous risk would be generated for the activity,” stated Alonso.

The company has not allowed the media to record the president’s visit to the facilities


The director of the plant made these statements during the visit of the president of Aragon, Jorge Azcón , to the plant, his first as head of the regional Executive. A factory that, as he has stated, is the “ flagship ” of the Aragonese automotive industry , with 5,000 jobs and generating another 25,000 in auxiliary companies and the ecosystem of the Community.

On everyone’s horizon is the possible installation of a battery gigafactory , for which, according to Azcón, Figueruelas is the only option contemplated in Spain , but, for this, it is necessary for the Ministry of Industry to grant new funds from the Perte VEC. “Aragón does not want to be more or less than anyone else, but the aid that has been given in other autonomies for the construction of gigafactories must be the same as that given here,” he claimed.

Azcón has committed to “lending his shoulder” to promote the installation of the battery gigafactory in Aragonese territory

From the Ministry, both former minister Héctor Gómez and the current person in charge, Jordi Hereu , have expressed their willingness to favor the installation of the Stellantis project, but they were only awarded 60 million for a billion-dollar investment, similar to that of Volkswagen in Sagunto, which had 400 million public funds. “I appreciate the words, but we will appreciate the actions. It is good that the words are of collaboration , cooperation and drive, but the time has come to make decisions . The economy does not want to wait. Stellantis is willing to start investments, but the aid needs to be distributed, and we are already late,” added the Aragonese president.

In this collaboration between institutions, Azcón has committed to “ lending its shoulder ” to promote the installation of the battery gigafactory in Aragonese territory. He has already done this with the allocation of 10 million euros for the STLA platform, and has no doubt that he will continue to do so if necessary. “The Government is aware that it will have to continue doing so. We are going to continue lending a helping hand so that Stellantis continues to do the work it does. The cars are going to be electric , and they are going to need batteries . If battery factories are not built, the plants will disappear. We have a lot at stake,” he warned.