This puff pastry is a traditional dish in the vast majority of cuisines in Spanish-speaking countries.

Meat, cheese, spicy, truffle and even sweet: these are the best empanadas in Zaragoza

Whether you prefer ham and cheese, chicken, beef, spicy, sweet or salty, in Zaragoza you will find a large number of empanadas

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The origin of empanadas dates back to the custom of filling bread with all types of food . Whether sweet or savory foods, cooked or baked, this puff pastry is a traditional dish in the vast majority of kitchens in Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain. During the Middle Ages, they were used to preserve meat and currently they even have their own international day that is celebrated every April 8 in honor of this very international dish.

Whether you prefer ham and cheese, chicken, beef, spicy, sweet or salty, in Zaragoza you will find a large number of empanada options where you can enjoy this delicious dish.


Directly from Argentina, Malvón’s empanadas (Marcelino Isábal 2, Fernando el Católico 49, calle Alfonso 2) are some of the tastiest in the city . They have a total of 19 flavors to choose from. In addition to them individually, you can taste them in menu format or in packs of six, twelve and up to eighteen empanadas.

Malvón empanadas are some of the tastiest in the city
Malvón empanadas are some of the tastiest in the city

Among the most successful are the meat ones of all kinds you can imagine. Milder, spicy, suckling pig or chicken. In addition, you can’t miss the classic tuna, ham and cheese or onion and the more special ones like the smashburger or the delicious truffle empanada. Remember that you will have to enjoy them outside the establishment since they only have a “take away” service.


Alma Criolla (Calle Mayor 53) offers delicious traditional empanadas that landed in Zaragoza to fill the city with flavor. Made with love with soul, care and ecological awareness, all empanadas are made with family and local producers and companies, as well as the use of local products.

Alma Criolla offers delicious traditional empanadas

The end result is delicious quality empanadas that are also environmentally friendly. There are all types and for all tastes . Meat empanadas, vegan, vegetarian and seasonal.


As its name indicates, La Casa de las Empanadas (Paseo de la Independencia, 24) is a small place specialized in this delicious dish that can be served as lunch, lunch, snack or dinner. Of all types and flavors, here you will find some of the best empanadas in Zaragoza.

These empanadas are made in an artisanal way

From the window, you can already sense some of these empanadas that have the best quality and the best price. They offer their customers the possibility of placing orders at home so they can bring it to your home. Made in an artisanal way , these Galician products made to order will leave you wanting to repeat.


If there is something special about empanadas, it is their international character. Under the philosophy “Life is cooler with an arepa”, the La Molarepa restaurant (José Luis Albareda Street and Sta. Catalina Street 1) offers an experience of warmth, good vibes and simplicity of traditional Venezuelan cuisine .

The star dish of this establishment is the pabellón criollo empanada

The hallmark of this restaurant is the arepas. From the most premium and the most special of shredded chicken and avocado to the traditional shredded beef, plain cheese or shredded chicken. In addition to this characteristic format, you can also enjoy empanadas with one or two ingredients and their crown jewel, the pabellón criollo empanada .


For lovers of Argentine and Japanese cuisine El Ángel del Pincho (Jordán de Urriés Street, 5) is a great success. In this Zaragoza place you can taste their tasty empanadas as well as their tempura and with all this, their excellent wine fits perfectly. It is a tapas bar with its own style that uses fresh and local products.

In this Zaragoza place you can taste their tasty empanadillas

One of the specialties of this place are empanadas. Made and baked with a crunchy dough and filled with a moist mince and a flavor that will undoubtedly delight your diners.


This restaurant stands out for its Colombian cuisine and if there is something that is special about La Esquina de Jara (Calle de Caspe, 11) it is its hearty empanadas or its unique empanadas of all flavors . On Tuesdays it is closed to the public, but on the rest of the days, you can go there to taste them or even place orders at home.

This restaurant stands out for Colombian cuisine

Finish your visit to the restaurant with one of its delicious desserts such as its famous fruit salad, perfect to refresh yourself now that the good weather is coming or its ice creams and chocolate sweets and practically all flavors.


Although its great fame lies in the famous hamburgers, the truth is that within the menu at Nola Smoke Zaragoza (Santa Joaquina de Vedruna street) there is also room for empanadas . Stuffed with ham and chicken with annatto bechamel, cream cheese and crunchy corn, that is the proposal of the authentic Mexican empanadillas by renowned chef Álex Viñal that has conquered the stomachs of all of Zaragoza.

Within the Nola Smoke Zaragoza menu there is also space for empanadas

Two units come for just under eight euros and this restaurant is only for takeaway food. You can accompany the empanadillas with their smoke bravas potatoes , some natural potatoes with homemade tomato sauce and red wine or with their fairy tale salad, which consists of a base of potato, carrot and tuna with paprika lactonesa, roe and capers .


It is possible that a place that includes pizza in the name leads to confusion as to what they serve, but the truth is that the Pizza Negra restaurant (Baltasar Gracián Street, 19) hides among its large number of pizzas a large selection of artisanal empanadas baked​.

This restaurant has beef empanadas, mozzarella and ham and cheese

The saying “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” makes sense in a restaurant that has beef, onion and mozzarella dumplings or the more traditional ones like ham and cheese . Without a doubt, a perfect option to eat cheap and good empanadas in Zaragoza.


The latest proposal to taste some of the best empanadas in Zaragoza is the Teke Guay restaurant (calle del Privilegio de la Unión, 31). In this place specialized in the famous tequeños, there is also room for empanadas . From the most traditional and largest of cheese, chicken, beef or a mix of up to three flavors to empanadas, choosing between cheese, chicken or beef.

In this place specialized in the famous tequeños, there is also room for empanadas

Don’t hesitate to accompany your empanadas with a natural granita, which for only 3 euros includes strawberry, pineapple, soursop, mango, blackberry or passion fruit. Take the opportunity to visit on promotional Wednesdays and get ten empanadas for 20 euros and enjoy the delicious empanadas from Teke Guay.

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