At the Corazón Verde you can enjoy live music

The ten terraces where you can enjoy a refreshing afternoon in Zaragoza

In Zaragoza there are plenty of terraces of all kinds, whether on the banks of the Ebro River, in historic places or at the top.

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With good weather, the terraces are one of the most popular places for diners who are looking for the best in all of Zaragoza. Among the most successful are undoubtedly those that are in the shade and those that incorporate some mechanism that cools customers, such as those small water sprinklers that are placed in many establishments. In the Aragonese capital, there are plenty of terraces of all kinds, whether on the banks of the Ebro River, in historic locations, on top or even the most modern ones unknown to the vast majority of citizens.


Among the extensive pine forests of Parque Grande and on the banks of the Imperial Canal of Zaragoza is the Corazón Verde terrace. This restaurant not only offers cocktails and snacks , but you can also enjoy live music, perfect to liven up the hot summer nights of the Aragonese capital. Renowned artists have left their mark in this restaurant, such as Scarlet Rivera, Bob Dylan’s most historic violinist, or groups like Los reyes del Joropo.


With a very Parisian name, the Le Pastis terrace is located on the Zaragoza riverside promenade along with the iron bridge. In addition to enjoying unbeatable views of the city, in this small piece of Paris there is room for cocktails and current music that ranges from American folk to electronic music.

In this small piece of Paris there is a place for cocktails and current music
In this small piece of Paris there is a place for cocktails and current music

It has fresh products on its menu and some appetizers such as nachos with melted cheese, hot dogs or a board of cured cheeses. During the summer, it is an ideal place to enjoy completely free live concerts and spend a pleasant afternoon on vacation without having to leave the city.


The Plata Cabaret opened its doors in 1920, being at that time a luxurious performance hall with a casino and restaurant. It closed its doors in 1992 and it would not be until 2008 when it reopened its doors, preserving the decoration. On the outskirts of the emblematic Plata is its patio , a large terrace where there is never a lack of atmosphere during the summer months.

On this terrace there is never a lack of good atmosphere in the summer months

In addition to enjoying refreshing drinks, there is a wide variety of dishes to share and snack on such as toast with ham, stuffed peppers, Russian salad, patatas bravas, cheese tequeños, chicken fingers or broken eggs with ham or sausage. Without a doubt, a wide variety of products to enjoy a pleasant summer afternoon on one of the most emblematic terraces in Zaragoza.


The Náutico Terraces are the most successful among young people for their festive atmosphere. From 7:00 p.m. until 1:30 a.m., the banks of the Ebro are colored with colored lights, music and, ultimately, a whole party in the city. In addition to a wide variety of drinks with or without alcohol , the terrace offers some dishes such as fries, chicken fingers, nachos or tequeños.

The Náutico Terraces are the most successful among young people. Photo: Nautica

As the sun goes down, in addition to enjoying a pleasant afternoon-night on the banks of the Ebro , a beautiful sunset is formed to be able to contemplate in the company of your group of friends.


With privileged views, the Van Gogh Sky Lounge at the Los Girasoles hotel is located in the historic center of the city. This restaurant, open to the public without the need to be accommodated as a customer , has a terrace perfect for having something flooded by the orange colors of the sunset.

To enjoy this terrace you do not need to be staying as a guest at the hotel.

All of this tastes better accompanied by a cocktail and a delicious snack. On the menu they offer Iberian ham, nachos with guacamole or potato omelette, delicacies that will undoubtedly make you the sweetest views in all of Zaragoza.


In the heart of the city, in what is known as El Tubo, there is a heated terrace, La Terraza Libertad. An unbeatable environment where it is possible to dine and have a few drinks and one of the most fashionable places in Zaragoza. In the middle of the hustle and bustle, it is like an oasis with views of the Mudejar tower of the San Gil church, perfect for reading the newspaper, having a drink with friends or, if you come in the morning, reading in the sun.

On the La Terraza Libertad terrace you can enjoy drinks and a wide variety of cocktails. Photo: El

In addition to the drinks, it is possible to enjoy a wide variety of cocktails and among the most successful and one of the house specialties are the gin and tonic that can be accompanied with one of the dishes, appetizers, starters or desserts that are in their letter.


The good weather, the sun and the summer heat invite you to have a drink in a quiet and elegant place such as La Terraza de La Junquera. Since the arrival of spring, one of the most famous terraces in Zaragoza is beginning to be put into operation . Having a coffee, a cold beer or eating one of the dishes on the menu are just some ideas to enjoy a pleasant afternoon in this Zaragoza location.

As soon as spring arrives, this terrace already comes to life

Its location has a lot of history and there was a time when the La Junquera Fountain was surrounded by splendid reeds and the banks of the Ebro had large groves of elms. An area inherited from the Arabs with stories that remind us that it was and is a source of experiences and longings.


One of the terraces with the most history in the city of Zaragoza is Las Ocas. Located in the Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta , this 7,000-square-meter grass esplanade is a mythical place in the city where practically every citizen keeps a good memory of his childhood.

The Las Ocas terrace is an ideal place to have a refreshing cold beer

With a relaxed atmosphere , it is the ideal place to have a refreshing cold beer after a walk in the park, to order one of their famous slushies and with the possibility of accompanying all this with their tapas and homemade portions.


César Augusto Avenue could be said to be the avenue of rooftops. Located in the heart of the city , is the Meliá hotel. On the top floor the magic is done thanks to a terrace from which you can enjoy one of the best views .

From this terrace you can enjoy one of the best views

Accompanying the sunset with a dinner at the Lateral restaurant is, without a doubt, an irresistible plan now that the summer season is getting closer and closer. Good gastronomy and spectacular views are two perfect ingredients to make terraces like this one of the best viewpoints in Zaragoza.


Feeling the subtle breeze of the lake on your skin with a cold drink in your hand, endless conversations and a space that makes you lose track of time , this is how La Terraza del Lago presents itself to its future clients. On this emblematic terrace you can enjoy some of the best sunsets in the city caused in part by the reflection of the colors in the lake.

On this emblematic terrace you can enjoy some of the best sunsets

Here it is possible to enjoy everything from a paella to a cocktail thanks to its master mixologists. They have a menu to taste at noon with a wide variety of portions and a wine list for all tastes and toast to a summer full of moments on the terraces.

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