The American chain Popeyes will open its doors at number 39 Alfonso Street.

This is the famous American restaurant chain that will open its doors on Alfonso Street

The new location will be located at number 39 Alfonso I Street

Redacción Wednesday, April 10, 2024 / 11:29

Barely one hundred meters will separate this famous American restaurant chain from Plaza del Pilar. Alfonso I Street in Zaragoza is undergoing a great transformation in recent years in which traditional establishments are disappearing to make way for important international fashion and restaurant brands.

There are several stores that have opted for what is possibly the busiest street in Zaragoza, such as the Danish “Normal”, which will open its doors in the coming weeks. Another business that will soon open its doors at number 39 on this street will be the Popeyes restaurant chain.

It is therefore the fourth Popeyes establishment that will open its doors in the Aragonese capital. A new restaurant that joins those that already exist in Puerto Venecia, Madrid Avenue and Plaza. In the rest of Spain, there are already a total of 50 new implementations by 2024.

The premises will be located at number 39 Alfonso I Street

Fried chicken is their specialty, although they also offer fries, chicken burgers , chicken strips and the possibility of creating menus with all of this at the most affordable prices.

The establishment will occupy one of the most emblematic corners of Zaragoza, which had been unoccupied for nearly 7 years since the old Irish tavern that occupied that location closed. In front is the La Fama churrería and just a hundred meters away is the Basilica del Pilar.

The establishment is currently under construction and the opening date of this establishment, whose remodeling is being carried out by Inardec, is not yet known.

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