The company is already finalizing plans for its practically imminent opening in Zaragoza

Costco is looking for its first workers for its new center in Zaragoza

Costco is already finalizing plans for its practically imminent opening in Zaragoza and is looking for staff for its new center in the Plaza shopping center

Redacción Sunday, April 14, 2024 / 11:45

The American company Costco is already finalizing plans for its practically imminent opening in Zaragoza, in the Plaza shopping center , among which is the search for personnel for the center. Although it has not yet opened the main mass offers, this company has already launched the requirements to apply for the position of deputy manager for the center of Zaragoza, although they warn that this may not be the final location.

As explained on their job portal, the assistant store manager directs, plans and coordinates the programs necessary for operations to be carried out successfully, in addition to addressing issues related to the workforce and supervising the tasks performed by the managers. of the departments and their teams.

In general, the daily tasks and responsibilities of the deputy manager include coordinating the activities of the departments in order to obtain optimal efficiency ; review operational and financial statements and establish appropriate measures to achieve store goals; create, identify, prioritize and manage objectives for each department; detect and evaluate business needs and transfer them to the management team; o respond to employee concerns with skill, tact and discretion.

Among the requirements, Costco requires a minimum high school education, previous experience in a similar position, computer and office knowledge, verbal, written and customer service communication skills, and a high level of English. Furthermore, they state that having geographical mobility is “essential”.


On the other hand, Costco has also opened the procedure to hire 15 commercial promoters within the Membership Department. The functions include contacting potential clients personally and by telephone; meet with such potential partners to determine which Costco products are useful to you; Event organization; promote good relations with the community environment, and assist in the implementation of the marketing plan.

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