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From the United Kingdom to Kazakhstan: Aragon opens new agri-food markets

Several countries around the world will be able to taste Aragonese products thanks to this initiative.

Redacción Monday, April 15, 2024 / 12:27

Aragón Exterior is developing intense promotional activity to publicize the Aragonese agri-food sector and strengthen its presence in international markets. Different actions organized by AREX that are taking products and companies from the region these weeks to markets as diverse as the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan and Mexico.


This week, AREX organizes a presentation of Aragonese wines aimed at those responsible for wine monopolies in Sweden, Norway and Finland . In these countries, the sale of alcoholic beverages is controlled by monopolies, state companies that have great decision-making power in the entry of new references to their respective markets.

The purchasing managers of these monopolies will have the opportunity to get to know Aragon in training sessions on the various wine-growing areas and their characteristics, as well as a careful selection of 35 references for each of the Nordic markets, up to 57 different references in total , coming from all producing areas of the Community.

The presentation is given by Manuel Jiménez, best sommelier in Spain in 2017 , trainer and technical director of Wines From Aragón, and Marie Calderón, Swedish consultant specializing in Nordic Monopolies, responsible for the international buyers program and conferences at the fair. Fenavin wine for the last decade and managing director at Thema International, specialized in wine.

“The Nordic Monopolies have particularities in their procedures both for approaching the producing areas and in their purchases, which require a very specific approach. Through an understanding of the portfolio in each market and previous talks about their needs, we have designed personalized training and tasting actions for each market. We have had a good showcase, now it is the wines of Aragon that are talking and leaving the mark for new steps that we want to establish in Norway, Sweden and Finland,” explains José Antonio Vicente, managing director of Aragón Exterior. “Accessing those responsible for the monopolies is difficult and we want to take advantage of this opportunity to make Aragon wines known in all their variety and richness”


Also this month, a gastronomic promotion project begins in collaboration with the Spanish gastronomy restaurant chain Ibérica Restaurants , which will promote Aragonese products during the month of May with promotions, monographic menus and showcookings that will focus on the region. The promotion will be carried out simultaneously in its 5 establishments in England.

To prepare for this promotion, Aragón Exterior has organized a visit by chain managers to the community with a double objective: on the one hand, to make Ibérica managers aware of the gastronomic and cultural wealth of Aragón, and, on the other hand, facilitate your meeting with various companies participating in the action to establish commercial relations and promote the export of Aragonese products to the United Kingdom.


Much further away, in Latin America, meanwhile, a “Roadshow” will take place in Mexico, attended by three Aragonese wineries with the support of AREX and in collaboration with VSI Consulting. This event, which will take place in the cities of Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey , will consist of a series of showrooms aimed at the professional public. In these spaces, Aragonese wineries will have the opportunity to present their wines to Mexican importers, distributors and restaurateurs. Mexico is the main destination for Spanish wine exports in Latin America.


Finally, in collaboration with the Aragonese consulting firm Argos Wine Consulting, AREX supports the participation of four wineries in the “Spanish Day” in Kazakhstan , a market with great potential for Spanish wines. The event, which will be held in the city of Almaty, will consist of a Spanish wine showroom as well as tastings, master classes and a VIP dinner for Kazakh professionals.

Several other calls are open on the AREX website for companies in the sector to register, such as the “Spanish Food and Beverage Exhibition in Colombia and Peru” and a Point of Sale promotion in stores of the German chain Müller in the Balearic Islands.

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