Regarding total Aragonese imports in the month of February, these decreased by 6.6% year-on-year

Aragonese exports record the best February with 1,594 million, 11.5% more

The automobile sector is in the lead, followed by food, beverages and tobacco, and capital goods.

Redacción Friday, April 19, 2024 / 17:12

February 2024 has been the best February in the historical series for Aragonese exports . Companies in the community have sold 1,594 million euros to other countries, 11.5% more than a year ago . A figure that contrasts with the average fall on the Spanish average, which has been 3% annually. In this way, the robust evolution marked by the community’s foreign trade data, accentuated since the last quarter of 2023, is confirmed.

According to data published by the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business regarding total Aragonese imports in the month of February, these decreased by 6.6% year-on-year to a value of 1,570.3 million euros, while in The national aggregate, foreign purchases registered an average decrease of 3.1% annually.

The breakdown of foreign trade figures between the main sectors shows how the most relevant activities in foreign sales of the autonomous community during the month of February 2024 were those related to the automobile sector (with an export value of 620. 7 million euros, which represent 38.9% of the total), food , beverages and tobacco (with an export value of 317.4 million euros, which represent 19.9% ​​of the total) and goods of equipment (with an export value of 215.2 million euros, which represents 13.5% of the total).

Regarding imports from Aragon, the productive sectors that produced the highest figures in the same month are the following: capital goods (with a value of imports of 478.3 million euros, representing 30.5% of the total ), the automobile sector (with an import value of 392.1 million euros, representing 25.0% of the total), and consumer manufacturing (with an import value of 269.5 million euros which represent 17.2% of the total).

As a result of the evolution of trade flows in the month of February, Aragón records a trade surplus of 24 million euros , compared to the deficit of 252.0 million euros suffered during the month of February 2023. For its part, the Spanish trade deficit in the month of February 2024 stands at 2,350.1 million euros.

Finally, Aragon’s coverage rate in February 2024 rises to 101.5% , eight points and four tenths above the Spanish average (93.1%).

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