This will be the prestigious Michelin Star Huesca restaurant “Orient Express” in Canfranc. Photo Instagram Hotel Canfranc Station

Dine like in 1928 on a train to Paris without leaving Aragon

This is a gastronomic night trip in which diners will be able to enjoy a historical dinner like the one that took place on the journeys from Canfranc to Paris in the 1920s.

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A gastronomic night trip through time. That is the new proposal by chef Eduardo Salanova and cook Loic Thoraval for the prestigious Michelin Star Huesca restaurant “Orient Express” in Canfranc. With this innovative proposal (which can be enjoyed since April 11), diners will be able to enjoy a historic dinner with capacity for 30 people, just as it happened on the routes from Canfranc to Paris in the 1920s.

Located in the Royal Hideaway Hotel, the “Vagón 1928” has this new gastronomic offer that adds to the other two that they already offered and giving priority to Aragonese products. It can be enjoyed from Wednesday to Saturday and since it opened, it is practically full.

This new proposal is added to the food at the International Hotel, which has more informal food. A second option is the “ Canfranc Express”, with a more creative cuisine in which diners are able to learn about the gastronomic history of the area and Finally, the “Vagón 1928” fuses Aragonese and French cuisine.

In this Wagon you can taste two different menus. On the one hand, the Canfranc-Urdos for 85 euros with first, second and dessert and the second option is the Grand Voyage to Paris, for a price of 125 euros and a total of eight dishes, many of them a tribute to what is It served on the opening day of the line that at one point in history connected the French capital with Canfranc.


In 1928 the grand opening took place that would connect Canfranc and Paris by train. A historical event attended by King Alfonso XIII and the President of the Republic Monsieur Gastón Doumerge. The enthusiasm of an entire town to spread its history, to preserve its value and consolidate its future and which has inspired the menu of the new “Vagón 1928”.

From that moment on, trips to Paris were daily and the cultural fusion was represented in each of the train stations. A fact that allowed us to discover the gastronomy of the place and enrich the Aragonese tradition.

The first of the menus, Urdos-Canfranc, consists of butter of the day, French Oyster and Sayon artisan breads. Followed by Pyrenean Field Terrine, 100% Ascara rye bread, red onion pickles, gherkins and capers. The menu continues with honeyed Niral rice from Alcolea de Cinca with turbot from Provence, romesco and thyme air, Poéle duck foie, parsnip foam, tonka bean and oatmeal and dried fruit guirlache. Also not missing are the Rossini sirloins, duck magret and wild sea bass and for dessert, hot chocolate foam with dried fruits, sweet Aragonese crumbs and a version of a babá with rum.

The second option is the Le Grand Voyage menu (125 euros) that includes a duo of Franco-Aragonese butters, Imperial Trout Gravlax, Mi Cuit de Foie de Duck cooked with Aragonese funcho, smoked parmentier foam, Niral Rice from Alcolea de Cinca sweet with turbot, veal in the style of July 18, 1928, duck magret, mullet, confit lobster and for dessert, hot chocolate foam and crunchy nuts, sweet Aragonese crumbs and a taste of a Fresier.

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