There are four types of environmental label that must be applied starting in the summer in Zaragoza | Photo: Pilar Álvarez

What label will you have to put on your car so that you don’t get fined in Zaragoza starting in the summer?

Zaragoza will begin to use the environmental badges this summer by launching the so-called Low Emissions Zone

Guillermo Pemán Portella Wednesday, April 24, 2024 / 18:08

The controversial Low Emission Zone will finally be up and running, with sanctions, starting this summer . To date, the Local Police informed the passenger cars, but did not fine them. The blind eye is over and as soon as the municipal regulations are ready in the month of May, the City Council will implement the controversial environmental measure, which has many detractors and which is imposed by the central government.

“We must comply with the law and if the law says that sanctions must be imposed , we will comply perfectly with that law,” the municipal head of Environment and Mobility, Tatiana Gaudes , stressed last Thursday to point out that the Zaragoza City Council is on track with deadlines. and the Low Emissions Zone implemented will be ready in summer.

In principle, the area affected by this measure is delimited by Paseo Echegaray, San Vicente de Paúl, Coso, Conde Aranda and Calle Mayoral , but there could be changes once the ordinance is approved. Therefore, once it is launched, vehicles that want to access that area will have to carry the environmental label of the General Directorate of Traffic that classifies passenger cars based on the emissions they emit.


The answer to which label corresponds to each vehicle is just a click away on the DGT website . In this sense, Traffic has set up a web page where it is only necessary to enter the license plate to know if the vehicle needs a label and, if so, which one corresponds to it. Today there are four types of environmental labels.

Zero emissions (blue)

It classifies battery electric vehicles (BEV), extended range electric vehicles (REEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), vehicles with a range of 40 kilometers or fuel cell vehicles .

ECO (blue and green)

They are the majority of hybrid vehicles . Among them, plug-in electric vehicles with a range of less than 40 kilometers, non-plug-in hybrids (HEV), vehicles powered by natural gas and gas (CNG and LNG), and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). They must meet the criteria of label C.

C (green)

Includes internal combustion vehicles that comply with the latest EURO emissions. Gasoline passenger cars and light vans registered from January 2006 and diesel from September 2015 will be entitled to this label . Vehicles with more than 8 seats , excluding the driver, and heavy vehicles, both gasoline and diesel, registered since 2014 .

B (yellow)

It corresponds to internal combustion vehicles that, although they do not comply with the latest EURO emissions specifications, do comply with previous ones. Gasoline passenger cars and light vans registered since January 1, 2001 and diesel vehicles from 2006 will be entitled to this label . Vehicles with more than 8 seats and heavy vehicles, both gasoline and diesel, registered since 2006 .

A (no badge)

Vehicles classified within environmental category A are the most polluting . They are gasoline passenger cars prior to 2001 or that do not comply with Euro III regulations or diesel cars prior to 2006 or that do not comply with Euro IV, which is popularly known as cars without a DGT label . This group also includes motorcycles prior to 2003 . Models belonging to environmental category A do not carry any markings. The rest of the vehicles, the 50% most polluting, are not entitled to any type of badge as they do not meet the requirements to be labeled as clean vehicles.


The environmental badge can be purchased at any post office and also through the DGT website , which will deliver it to the applicant’s home within 48 hours . It can also be purchased in the workshop network of the Spanish Confederation of Workshops (Cetraa) and other networks of authorized workshops, Administrative Managers , the Institute of Automotive Studies (Ideauto) and in the case of fleets, you can obtain the badges through of the Ganvam association .

Environmental badge or sticker that must be placed on vehicles in Zaragoza
Environmental badge or sticker that must be placed on vehicles in Zaragoza

The consultation and download service for complete information on the environmental label is free. Of course, the issuance of the label with the corresponding badge does have a cost of 5 euros .