Renfe launches a new daily Avlo for the Aragonese capital and Calatayud and another additional one on Saturdays and Sundays

Tickets at seven euros and new frequencies to travel on Avlo from Zaragoza to Madrid and Barcelona

Renfe increases weekly seats on its low-cost trains that serve Zaragoza by 40%

Redacción Friday, April 26, 2024 / 16:59

Renfe will launch the first units of the S106 model starting on May 21. The measure will involve, among other things, the circulation of Avlo S106 trains in the high-speed northeast corridor Madrid – Zaragoza – Barcelona , ​​which will lead to an overall increase of 40% in Renfe ‘s low-cost seats for Zaragoza and an increase in Avlo frequencies for Zaragoza and Calatayud.

The new S-106 trains, which will begin to circulate on May 21, will also allow the absolute debut of the AVE in Asturias, new AVE destinations to Galicia and the circulation of Avlo 106 trains on connections between Madrid, the Community Valenciana and Murcia.

The tickets go on sale this Friday the 26th, with a launch campaign with more than 24,500 tickets with “ Superprices ”, at seven euros, for the Madrid – Zaragoza – Barcelona corridor.


In the case of Aragón , this first phase of fleet renewal after receiving the first 10 units of the S106 will focus on Avlo services and will involve the replacement of the S112 material with the new trains in some connections of the high-speed corridor that They link the Aragonese capital and Calatayud with Madrid and Barcelona . The incorporation of the Avlo S-106, with a capacity of 581 seats, will lead to an overall increase in seats on the trains that serve Zaragoza , which will go from the current more than 18,300 per week to more than 25,500 per week, a overall increase of 40%.

Frequencies for Zaragoza and Calatayud will also increase , with the addition of a new daily Avlo that will serve both cities and an additional one on Saturday and Sunday. Thus, as of May 21, Zaragoza will have seven low-cost Renfe trains daily (three in the Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona direction and four in the opposite direction) and another additional one that will run on Saturdays and Sundays in the Madrid-Zaragoza direction. . Of the seven daily newspapers, three will be the new Avlo S106, as will the Saturday and Sunday ones.

In the case of Calatayud , which will also see a significant increase in seats, the Avlo offer will be three daily trains (two in the Zaragoza/Barcelona direction and one in the Madrid direction) in addition to the aforementioned additional on Saturdays and Sundays . Of the three daily trains, two will be the new S106, as well as the weekend train.

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