The town of Roda de Isábena arouses great interest among tourists

Four towns in Huesca, among the most beautiful in Spain

There are beautiful towns in Huesca and we have chosen four charming options. They are corners of Aragon that allow you to enjoy medieval architecture, history and culture.

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There are many beautiful towns in Huesca , to the point that there are four in the prestigious Official Guide to The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain 2024 .

And  Huesca  offers its charm from different angles, whether because you want to discover its abandoned corners full of history,  its castles or its natural wealth.

Without a doubt, Huesca has a lot to offer and it is time for you to get to know the four towns in this province that will not leave you indifferent.


The town of Aínsa has a privileged location
The town of Aínsa has a privileged location

Aínsa  is an ancient town located in the region of Sobrarbe , born in the Kingdom or county of the same name, around a castle.

Likewise, another reference that is mentioned about Aínsa is that it is located at the confluence of the Cinca and Ara rivers. A privileged location, it is surrounded by national and natural parks of great relevance to Aragon, such as the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, the Cañones Natural Park and the Sierra de Guara.

Between the 13th and 15th centuries, the town was very important on a commercial level , even creating fairs and events, until it was harmed by the War of Succession and the Carlist Wars.

Currently, the old town has been declared a  Historic-Artistic Site since 1965 . During your visit you will be able to see its famous Plaza Mayor, the Romanesque Church of Santa María and ruins such as the castle that give you a great look at its roots.


The views from the surroundings of Alquézar attract photography lovers
The views from the surroundings of Alquézar attract photography lovers

Among the beautiful towns of Huesca we have the medieval town of  Alquézar , known for its collegiate church. Its location, between a limestone landscape and the Vero River , makes it a very charming place to photograph. It is common to see people hiking or simply enjoying the environment full of parks and routes. 

Its history has roots in the 9th century , when the area was chosen to make an Arab fortress against the Carolingians, but it later became the property of the Christians. In that second stage, several structures were built and the community grew, religious spaces, military and neighborhood structures were born. 

However, it was not until 1083 when the major expansion works for the town began . It was there that the construction of the church of Santa María was planned , as well as other structures that preserve part of the romantic style of the period. 

Visiting Alquézar is essential for those who want to find beautiful towns in Huesca , but also be nourished by stories. Here culture, architecture and nature mix. 


Ansó maintains traditional structures in its buildings. Photo: Tourism of Aragon
Ansó maintains traditional structures in its buildings. Photo: Tourism of Aragon

Ansó has less than 500 inhabitants and is one of the most special corners that the province of Huesca leaves us. It is located in the Pyrenees and always stands out for having a striking urban area, considered a  Historical-Artistic Site . As you explore it, you will get lost in its cobbled streets and admire its well-preserved structures. 

On the other hand, the town has a traditional house style. These are large, firm structures built with stone, wood and tile, some with more striking windows than others. Their separation is only an alley or street. 

However, in case you want to take a tour of the highlights, you cannot miss the parish church of San Pedro , as well as the museum of the Ansotano Typical Costume . There is even a festival related to the typical costume and you can experience it in the month of August. 

And don’t just focus on the architecture, Ansó is one of the beautiful towns in Huesca also for its nature and landscapes. You can explore parks, do outdoor sports and enjoy a different day. 

Roda de Isábena

Roda de Isábena está ubicado en la comarca de Ribagorza
Roda de Isábena está ubicado en la comarca de Ribagorza

To close this quartet of beautiful towns in Huesca , we have Roda de Isábena . This medieval town in Aragon is located in the Ribagorza region. And perhaps it has even greater charm because it has less than 50 inhabitants. Will you be one of the lucky ones to visit the tiny town near the Isábena River valley?

Its history begins in the 10th century , at that time the place had a fortress and was under the rule of the Taifa of Zaragoza . Later the bishop of Roda, in addition to being political capital. However, it lost notoriety after several lootings.

Currently, despite its few inhabitants, it continues to be a point of great interest for all tourists from Spain and the world. This town gives you a look into the past and allows you to see historical structures worth photographing.

On your tour, do not hesitate to visit the former Cathedral of San Vicente or the Prior’s Palace . You will even have the opportunity to stay in some of the hotels, rest and go out to explore the points of interest.

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