The new degree will have 60 places and will be taken at the Río Ebro campus

The UZ will teach a new degree in Biomedical Engineering next year

For the next academic year, the UZ offers a new degree in Biomedical Engineering. It will have 60 places for new entrants and will be taken in person at the EINA

Redacción Wednesday, May 1, 2024 / 09:44

Next year, the University of Zaragoza will offer a new graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering. It will have 60 new admission places and will be taken in person at the School of Engineering and Architecture ( EINA ), on the Río Ebro campus in the Aragonese capital.

The new Education degree is part of the commitment of the Government of Aragon and the academic institution to adapt the training offer to new needs. Biomedical engineering is a strategic degree as health systems increasingly require greater technological solutions that enable more personalized and effective treatments and interventions. It is also a sector with very high professional demand.

The Governing Council has authorized its implementation today, after the degree complied with all the procedures provided for in the Organic Law of the University System and in the Law of Organization of the University System of Aragon: mandatory and binding report of the Autonomous Community on the academic and social necessity and viability of the implementation of the degree, favorable report for the purposes of verifying the quality of the study plan report by the Aragon University Quality and Prospective Agency, verification by the Council of Universities of the study plan studies and authorization of its implementation by the Autonomous Community.

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