The CaixaForum Zaragoza extends its hours until 11:30 p.m. on International Museum Day

From CaixaForum to the Goya Museum: this is the day in May when all the museums in Zaragoza are free

On May 18, International Museum Day is celebrated and all museums in Aragon open their doors for free in addition to hosting activities, talks and exhibitions.

Cristina Morte Landa Monday, May 6, 2024 / 11:40

Although in Zaragoza there are a good handful of museums that are free throughout the year , there is a specific day in which those who do not join this free entry to bring art and science closer to all citizens. It is May 18 when all the museums in Zaragoza (and the world) open their doors for free to celebrate International Museum Day , a date that has been remembered year after year since 1977. In addition to opening their doors for free , the museums also prepare guided tours, dance, theatrical shows and family activities.

Under the motto “Museums for education and research”, this Saturday, May 18, the CaixaForum Zaragoza , the Goya Museum , the EMOZ (Origami School-Museum of Zaragoza) and the Alma Mater Museum will open their doors free of charge . This day and also on May 17 and 19, coinciding with the weekend, the Pablo Gargallo Museum, those on the Caesaragusta Route (Forum Museum, River Port Museum, Public Baths Museum and Theater Museum) will open free of charge. ), the Museum of Fire and Firefighters, the Museum of Zaragoza, the Iaacc Pablo Serrano and the Museum of Natural Sciences.

In the absence of knowing the official program of International Museum Day with the detailed activities, some exhibition centers such as the CaixaForum Zaragoza will extend their hours (until 11:30 p.m.) to enjoy some exhibitions for free such as Cinema and Espionage or the Mummies of Egypt.

Through ZMuseos, guided tours will be organized included with the entrance to the five municipal museums (those on the Caesaragusta Route and the Pablo Gargallo Museum). Capacity is limited and in a few days registration will be available on their website. In addition to the museums, there are also other attractions in the Aragonese capital that open their doors for free to celebrate May 18. This is the case of La Seo, one of the city’s heritage and artistic jewels , which on International Museum Day opens free of charge to citizens.