The director of the CEEI, Javier Martínez Romero, has presented his lines of action in Parliament. Photo of Government of Aragon

The Wave arrives in Zaragoza to be a reference and show the technological potential of Aragón

The Wave aims to become a national reference in the business and technology sector in Aragon

Redacción Wednesday, May 8, 2024 / 11:22

“We want to make The Wave congress a national reference in the business and technology sector within three years .” This was stated today in the Economy, Employment and Industry Commission of the Cortes of Aragon by the director of the European Center for Business and Innovation (CEEI), Javier Martínez Romero , in his appearance to explain the management lines of the legislature.

Martínez highlighted in his speech that in its first edition, The Wave will try to “demonstrate the technological potential of the community. We sin by not saying it enough. This is going to be one of the primary functions of Congress.” The Wave is held at the Zaragoza Conference Center on May 15 and 16 and the large technology companies with a presence in Aragon will be present, along with entrepreneurs from the community or training centers. The objective is to “know how technologies are transforming the economy and which are the most promising in each sector or type of business.” The Wave will also serve as a starting point for the new CEEI strategic plan 2024-2027, which has already been approved.

The CEEI strategic plan aims to facilitate innovation, promote it, serve as a catalyst for institutional action and enhance innovative talent, Martínez explained, all of them objectives of the “new, much more flexible CEEI model”, which – finally – is to promote and promote Aragón as an innovative center. This will mean – the managing director continued – changes in structures and infrastructure so that it becomes a true instrument of the Government of Aragon to promote innovation.

In his appearance, Martínez referred to the changes that the CEEI is preparing in its structure. “We are going to change the course of a public society that has to serve as an innovative model for community businesses.” The director of the public company has highlighted that from the center “any sector will be supported wherever it is in the territory. It will have to be multisectoral, be it agri-food, textiles,… We are facing a wave of innovations and the CEEI has to change its role.”

Within these changes, the director of the center has highlighted that the CEEI warehouses in Zaragoza are already close to 100% occupied and the coworking space already requires an expansion and will be doubled. The person in charge of the business center has also assured that we must recover “the spirit of a few years ago. Companies such as Hiberus, Certest Biotech or Libelium were born here . Today they are national champions and generate quality jobs.” Martínez also recalled that the objective is not only to “work with entrepreneurs but with projects, with the University or with the programs of the different Government departments.”

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