Zaragoza adds three Hot Pot stores in the city

A new Hot Pot restaurant opens in Plaza España

The new Hot Pot restaurant will be located in the Plaza España location in Zaragoza occupied by Hangout and TGB

Redacción Thursday, May 9, 2024 / 11:42

The area around Plaza España in Zaragoza adds a new establishment to its list of restaurants. This time, it is a Hot Pot that will be located in the premises previously occupied by the Hangout and TGB burger joints.

The Hot Pot trend is spreading throughout Zaragoza and there will now be three establishments that offer this type of traditional Chinese food cooked with a hot broth base. A unique and very fun gastronomic experience that allows Zaragoza residents to enjoy an ancient Chinese tradition.


At the moment, one of the establishments in Zaragoza specialized in this type of food is Hot Pot Shooloongkan . A location located at 26 Francisco Vitoria Street that opened its doors in 2024 and has already become a true success.

In La Torre Outlet Zaragoza you can find Yuanlaosi Hot Pot , another place that experiments with the flavor of broths. Tomato soup, spicy broth, mushroom broth or bone broth are some options to choose from.

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