Zaragoza is synonymous with eating well and cheaply due to its wide range of wines, beers and tapas

Go for tapas in Zaragoza: seven typical bars and pinchos to enjoy tapas

Are you thinking about going for tapas in Zaragoza? In that case, pay attention to the selection of pinchos and tapas bars that we offer.

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Zaragoza is synonymous with eating well and cheaply , since its wide range of wines, beers and tapas make the Aragonese capital an essential destination for food lovers . One of the streets that boasts some of the best tapas bars in Zaragoza is Tubo, a meeting place for locals and tourists who want to taste some unimaginable combinations, but good Zaragoza food can be found in many other places in the city. In this article we propose a gastronomic itinerary with the best tapas in Zaragoza that you cannot miss trying. 

Montadito Civil Guard (Bar el Lince)

Montadito Civil Guard (El Lince)
Montadito Civil Guard (El Lince)

El Montadito Guardia Civil , a specialty of more than 40 years at the emblematic El Lince bar in Plaza Santa Marta , has captivated diners with its irresistible combination of salted sardines, tomato, pepper and pickle.

This tapa, which has endured over the decades, has become the hallmark of this establishment, attracting food lovers with its unique flavor and its history rooted in local culinary tradition.

Croquettes (Bar Doña Casta)

Croquettes (Doña Casta)
Croquettes (Doña Casta)

If you go for tapas in Zaragoza , unconditional croquette lovers have a true gastronomic paradise at the Doña Casta  bar . Located in El Tubo , its bar is filled with an impressive variety of croquettes ready to fry and serve at a moment’s notice.

From the classics to the most innovative, such as Cabrales cheese with apple , chicken with chocolate, black rice with aioli or cod with asparagus, the offering is a feast for the senses. Without a doubt, an essential experience for fans of this exquisite snack.

Ham with frills (Bar Casa Juanico)

Ham with frills (Casa Juanico)
Ham with frills (Casa Juanico)

The Jamón con chorreras tapa, specifically emblematic of a bar in Zaragoza (Casa Juanico), is a delight with more than 50 years of history. It consists of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in cheese and a sheet of sweet ham , all coated in a simple dough of water, flour, salt and yeast, and then fried in hot oil.

This unique combination of flavors and textures has made this tapa one of the most requested in the city, being a symbol of local gastronomy.

Republican Eggs (Bar La Republicana)

The Republican stands out for its Republican egg cover
The Republican stands out for its Republican egg cover

In the gastronomic scene of Zaragoza, La Republicana stands out as a perfect destination thanks to its exceptional tapa ” Huevos Republicanos “. This unique creation combines homemade potato chips, fried tomato, fried egg and ham , offering an explosion of flavors that delights diners. Strategically located between El Tubo and Plaza Santa Marta, this cozy bar and antique museum attracts locals and famous visitors alike.

The ” Republican Eggs ” are a true culinary gem that captures the essence of Aragonese cuisine, offering an unforgettable gastronomic experience in the heart of the city.

Anchovies (Bar Bodegas Almau)

Anchovies from Bodegas Almau
Anchovies from Bodegas Almau

At Bodegas Almau de Zaragoza, anchovies are the undisputed star that attracts diners in search of an unmatched gastronomic pleasure. This establishment, known for its sale of bulk and bottled wine , has transformed its reputation towards culinary excellence, standing out especially for the quality and variety of its anchovies .

From the classic ones with garlic, vinegar and olives to the most innovative ones like cheese and chocolate, each bite is a pleasure for the palate.

Mini mushroom burgers (Bar El Champi)

Miniburgers (El Champi)
Miniburgers (El Champi)

In the heart of El Tubo, Zaragoza, is El Champi , a place that stands out for its singular focus on a single product: mini mushroom burgers . Although the essence of the place remains true to its roots, this establishment has evolved over time, offering innovative options.

The mini mushroom burgers, served on different colors of buns, are the highlight of any visit, combining the freshness and flavor of grilled mushrooms with a modern and attractive presentation. Without a doubt, a mandatory stop on any tapas route in Zaragoza , where tradition merges with creativity to create a truly memorable bite.

Carmelo Tavern (Bar El Carmelo)

Tapa "Caramelo de Carmelo" at the El Carmelo Tavern
Tapa “Caramelo de Carmelo” at the El Carmelo Tavern

At the Taberna El Carmelo in Zaragoza, the ” Carmelo de Carmelo ” is the authentic protagonist that has conquered the most demanding palates.

This exquisite bite consists of a piece of Ternasco de Aragón leg , carefully prepared and served on a bed of poor-style potatoes, all on toasted fig seed bread . With its unique combination of flavors and textures, “Caramel Caramel” is a true masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of Aragonese cuisine.

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