In Zaragoza, passengers going to the Airport can take a bus to go directly to the terminal

Zaragoza Airport Bus: stops, fares and schedules

The Zaragoza Airport terminal is located ten kilometers from the town centre. In this article you will be able to find out where the bus stops are that take you to the facility, as well as the rates and schedules.

Vanesa Aso Martín Monday, May 13, 2024 / 09:48

Traveling to any destination by plane from Zaragoza is becoming increasingly easier. And it is not only because of the range of flights offered from the Zaragoza Airport terminal , located ten kilometers from the city center, but because of the ease that Zaragoza gives its passengers to take a bus that takes them directly to the airport.

This is line 505 , also known as Zaragoza-Airport . It is a regular passenger line made up of hydrogen buses. Each bus has capacity for 75 passengers, with space reserved for people with disabilities. In addition, it works in relation to the flight times scheduled at the airport.

This bus line that connects Zaragoza with the airport has its provisional starting point at Paseo María Agustín , 5. From there it makes a direct route with a single stop at the Arrivals terminal of the Delicias Intermodal Station before reaching its destination.

In the opposite direction, you enter the city through Ciudad de Soria Avenue and will make another stop in the Salidas de Delicias area before reaching your starting point.


To use this special bus line, users must purchase a ticket that costs 4 euros. However, there is also the option of making payment using the Lazo and Ciudadana cards . In both cases, the price will be 3.50 euros and will allow free transfer with Zaragoza urban transport .

Tickets can be purchased in advance through the website, although they can also be purchased on the bus itself.


The schedules of this bus line are always in coordination with the official flights that land or take off from Zaragoza. Likewise, it is feasible that travel agencies can arrange this service in the case of charter flights.