Azcón has announced the creation of this technology park at the close of the first day of the “The Wave” congress

Azcón announces the creation of a large state-of-the-art technology park to attract companies and talent

The president of Aragón, Jorge Azcón, has advanced the creation of this space, of about 40 hectares in the area of ​​Zaragoza, at the “The Wave” congress.

Raúl Gascón Tella Thursday, May 16, 2024 / 09:38

Aragon will soon have a large state-of-the-art technology park to attract new investments and talent that reinforce the “technology hub” that the Community has become with the arrival of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft . With this, the regional Executive intends to promote all those companies that work with technology, equating it to the importance of Plaza for logistics.

This was announced this Wednesday by the president of Aragón, Jorge Azcón , who hopes to present this investment in the coming days, along with new business projects in the technology sector . It will be a 40-hectare space located in the area of ​​Zaragoza , with collaborative spaces for new technology companies , which hopes to become “a new lever of technological development ” in the Community. “We want it to have the capacity to create synergies between the public and private, and with the aim of the productive sector specializing in a more important way than we have done, in collaboration with the rest of the institutions and the Government of Spain,” has exposed.

To this end, Azcón has invited the Minister of Digital Transformation, José Luis Escrivá , to join the project, especially after the plan announced last week, which contemplates an investment of 1.5 billion euros for the development of Artificial Intelligence . “For this great technology park to take shape, with a mix of large technology companies and others that must grow, this plan must also be reflected in our community. This work is between everyone . The fundamental objective is that all these new technologies are developed in all sectors ,” said the Aragonese president, who has estimated that 90 of these 1,500 million will be allocated to the “Marte Nostrum” supercomputer in Barcelona.


Azcón advanced this project during the closing of the first day of the technological congress “ The Wave ”, which came to light this Wednesday with the aim of placing Aragón on the map of the sector and turning it into a reference event in the coming years. “The objective is not only to explain what is happening in the world around us, but for Aragon to be the most important technological hub in southern Europe, with large investments and doing something fundamental and essential, generating a digital ecosystem that multiplies those investments and transfer to society what this means,” he added.

In this sense, Azcón wants to set “ ambitious ” challenges and place technology as one of the great strategic sectors of the Community, such as logistics , automotive or agribusiness, which is why it wants to double its impact on the GDP – currently in 3% of the Aragonese economy – in the coming years. “We must set ambitious goals. We are going to be able to multiply the technological GDP of the Community and, like logistics, automotive or agribusiness , it will be a fundamental sector ”, he highlighted.