The turnover is close to 350 million euros, a growth of 1.6%

Novaltia presents its results with a turnover of 350 million euros

The cooperative has held its Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly at its headquarters

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Novaltia , a pharmaceutical distribution cooperative that has more than 1,000 member pharmacies in Aragon and the Basque Country, held its Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly this afternoon at its headquarters in which the members supported the management and unanimously approved the Annual Accounts. corresponding to fiscal year 2023 . The turnover is close to 350 million euros , a growth of 1.6%.

The president of the cooperative, Miguel Ángel Artal, has shared with the members the general policy of the entity: “We are going to continue working to maintain and further strengthen the business model we have, which we believe is the ideal one to defend the members.” and to the cooperative itself. We are a mere instrument created by pharmacists to serve our pharmacy offices, essential for the defense of each pharmacy and the Spanish model,” stated Artal.

And, once again, the president recalled the commitment to Unnefar, the group of pharmaceutical cooperatives of which Novaltia is the largest company. “The Unnefar group integrates companies for which the priority is the pharmacy and not the cooperative itself . Today, it represents the opportunity to maintain our identity and profitability while being able to access the best conditions in the industry and to projects that require a national scope.” “We defend that for pharmacies it is better that there are more companies , with closer decision centers, as an alternative to the market being left in the hands of three or four operators, although some are also cooperatives,” remarked Artal, president of Novaltia. and also from Unnefar.


Fernando Castillo, general director of Novaltia, has presented the management report and annual accounts to the partners, which have been unanimously approved. Castillo has broken down the main data of the year explaining: “Novaltia continues to be the trusted cooperative for pharmacies in Aragon and the Basque Country.” The turnover is close to 350 million euros, a growth of 1.6% . The result before taxes was 633,439 euros and the EBITDA generated in this year exceeds 2.8 million euros. An excellent financial situation is maintained, with a solvency ratio of 1.7, one of the best in the sector,” highlighted the general director. A year-end that highlights the consolidation of the cooperative project and the values ​​that distinguish Novaltia from other distributors, in line with the Unnefar group.


The general director has shared with the attendees more details about the work on the new warehouse that the cooperative is building in Zaragoza and whose first stone will be laid in June. 25 million euros of investment in a center that will replace the traditional pharmaceutical distribution model with a new one that, from an ecological and sustainable point of view, will totally reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources and the cost linked to energy consumption , moving towards a “zero emissions” pharmaceutical supply chain model, the first and only in Europe.


After the intervention of the general director, Mª Carmen Martínez, deputy director of Novaltia, highlighted the strategic challenges of the cooperative which, together with the projects and synergies promoted by the Unnefar Group, offer all the solutions that the pharmacy needs to grow and consolidate. beyond the logistics service: Innovation in all areas by applying tools based on Artificial Intelligence , seeking sustainability and efficiency and providing the pharmacist with the tools to take comprehensive care of their patients from the pharmacy.

Pioneering initiatives in the channel such as Familiados and Gelpy that position Novaltia as a benchmark in innovative solutions and its partner pharmacies at the center of the care ecosystem in its area of ​​influence.

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