Las propuestas de los 30 establecimientos participantes tendrá nombres muy reconocibles

These are the 30 restaurants in Zaragoza that participate in Gastrotapas 2024

La nueva edición de Gastrotapas tendrá lugar del 20 al 30 de junio

Vanesa Aso Martín Monday, May 20, 2024 / 09:27

Gastronomy and innovation are two words that often go hand in hand. Even more so if they are large events where imagination and good food come together to give rise to great creations. That is precisely what the 30 restaurants in Zaragoza and the province that will participate in Gastrotapas 2024 will try . Naiara and Juanjo Bona OT , Agustina de Aragón, El Pilar, Monasterio de Piedra, Amaral or Kase 0 will be some of the protagonists who will give their names to the tapas . Find out where and when to try them.


    Although there are many who can’t wait to taste the tapas from different restaurants, we will still have to wait until June to do so. Specifically, the event will take place from June 20 to 30 and promises to give great surprises to citizens with very curious tapas names. 


    Organized by Horeca Restaurantes Zaragoza , Gastrotapas believes that there is nothing better than local gastronomy to discover the historical and cultural richness of a territory. In this case, Aragon. For this reason, the tapas offered in this sixth edition will have a wide variety of culinary proposals inspired by the cultural treasures and history of the Zaragoza province that will enhance gastronomic innovation and the desire to eat the province in bites.


    Although it is not yet known which products will make up each tapa, the contest has already announced the 30 establishments that will participate , as well as the names that each of the proposals will carry . All of them are related to symbols, characters or monuments from Zaragoza . This is the complete list.

    • Morata Hostel: Cobblestone
    • The Tube Management: Agustina de Aragón
    • Cafe de la Reina: Amaral
    • Hotel Restaurant El Patio: Ambar
    • Agustín Valdoria House: Cachirulo
    • The Village of Biel: Cesar Augusto
    • The Windsor: The Cierzo
    • Blazon of the Tube: The Ebro
    • Emboca Space: El Moncayo
    • The Cava: El Morico
    • Sparkling wines March 5: El Mudéjar
    • Bistronome Tapas: El Pilar
    • La Scala: El Plata
    • Albarracín: Garnacha
    • The Caserío de Biel: Goya
    • Marengo – Casual Food & Drinks: Heroes of Silence
    • Don Pascual: Kase.O
    • El Candelas: La Aljafería
    • Eighth Mile (Hotel Europa): La Borraja
    • Amontillado Winebar & Shop: The Ceramics of Muel
    • Fire Braseía: La Jota
    • The White Horse: La Romareda
    • Flash Gastro Bar Alagón: The Witches of Trasmoz
    • Hotel Las Ventas: Los Monegros
    • The Stool: Mar de Aragón (Caspe)
    • Liki2: Windmills
    • Hotel Don Jaime 54: Stone Monastery
    • Existo: Origami Museum
    • Casa Arriazu Tasca: Naiara and Juanjo Bona-OT
    • Boulevardier: Paco Martínez Soria