The bungalows are completely renovated

Zaragoza Camping: price of bungalows and tents and how to book

The Zaragoza Campsite launches a new image with a new glamping area and a more modern restaurant

Redacción Monday, May 20, 2024 / 09:12

Glamping sites, bungalows, swimming pool and a modernized restaurant. Camping Zaragoza reopened its doors this Friday with a facelift so that tourists and Zaragoza residents can enjoy more sustainable and renovated facilities. The rental possibilities range from plots, bungalows, hostels and the brand new gamplings.


Glampings are tents with beds and equipped that have a capacity for two to four people with single or double beds . The price per night for a two-person glamping site varies, as in the rest of the accommodations, depending on the season. In high season (from April 3 to October 2) it ranges between 80 and 90 euros per night depending on whether it is from Sunday to Thursday or Friday to Saturday. In low season the price is between 65 and 75 euros per night.

For a glamping site with capacity for 4 people the price is 90 to 100 euros per night in high season and 80 to 90 in low season.


The bungalows , which are now completely renovated and have a more modern and current design, have a capacity for four people and the prices are 85 euros in low season, 115 in high season and 130 per night in Premium Rate. The latter is applied according to demand for events in the city. For example, this weekend with the Copa de la Reina in Zaragoza, is considered a Premium Rate.

The rate for six nights and seven days (does not apply during Pilar Festivals or Holy Week) is 450 euros in low season and 500 in high season. The rental of sheets and towels is 3.50 and 2.50 euros, respectively.


The price of the plots varies depending on what they are rented for. So this is the list depending on whether it is high, low or premium season.

  • Adult : between 5.25 euros and 7.50
  • Children : between 4.75 euros to 6.75 euros
  • Caravan : between 6.75 euros and 8.75 euros
  • Motorhome : between 10.25 euros and 13.50
  • Car: between 6.25 euros and 8.25 euros
  • Motorcycle : from 5.25 euros to 7.25 euros
  • Electricity : from 6.25 to 7.25 euros
  • Shop: from 5.25 euros to 7.50 euros
  • Dog: 3 to 4 euros


The hostel is a very good option for young people and groups of friends since it is cheaper than other modalities offered by Camping Zaragoza. Thus, the price for accommodation alone ranges from 17 euros per night in low season to 24 in Premium season.

Bed and breakfast ranges between 24 and 31 euros, half board between 38.50 and 45.50 euros and full board between 53 and 60 euros per night. Afterwards, guests can request a series of additions such as lunch or dinner for 15 euros and sheets and towels for 3.50 and 2.50 euros. The picnic is separate and has a price of 14.50 euros.


Camping de Zaragoza is located on San Juan Bautista de la Salle street without number, in the Casablanca neighborhood. The quickest option to get there is by car, but it can also be accessed by city buses on lines 41 and 54. There are also other combinations with the tram and buses.

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