Autonomous cars using artificial intelligence: AWS Deep Racer Competition in Aragon

Autonomous cars using artificial intelligence: AWS Deep Racer Competition in Aragon

The 25 FP students have tested their artificial intelligence skills at the Mobility City of Zaragoza

Redacción Tuesday, May 21, 2024 / 18:29

The regional championship held at the Mobility City during Princess Leonor’s big day in Zaragoza has brought with it an opportunity for Vocational Training students to put into practice their knowledge of artificial intelligence applied to the world of motorsports . A total of 25 students from seven different centers have shown their intention to make their way in a technological field that promises new jobs in Aragon.

Specifically, the I Reginal AWS Deep Racer Championship in Aragon has been organized by the FP Digital Campus, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services Skills to Job Tech Alliance. This brave initiative has been inaugurated by the general director of Planning, Centers and FP, Luis Mallada , which was attended by 25 students of FP students from seven Aragonese centers.

“This tournament allows students to apply their work in the field of artificial intelligence , automated learning and programming through the projection of autonomous vehicles in simulation and in a physical circuit , while promoting collaboration and healthy competition between educational centers” , has assured the general director of Planning, Centers and FP, Luis Mallada.

The students who have participated in the Deep Racer competition await “a journey that began in Zaragoza and that can take them to the following competitions at the national level in Madrid or at the world level, in Las Vegas ,” said the Campus director . FP Digital, Miguel Aparicio.

“This event has been held for years in the United States , where there is a great impact and follow-up by students and fans of the world of artificial intelligence,” said the director of the FP Digital Campus.

“An innovative methodology is put into play that works through challenges and is developed through artificial intelligence. It is the first “Deep racer” to be held in Aragon , following in the footsteps of other countries,” explained the general director of Planning, Centers and FP, Luis Mallada.


Regarding the application of this system to the automotive industry , to the reality that concerns us every day, the CPI-FP Pirámide professor, Enrique Casador , has pointed out “this is not the future, it is the present and one of our tasks is to “People become aware that this is a present commitment, since this is constantly being worked on in high-level companies.”

“We are working on artificial intelligence based on those cycles that have a methodological dependence, because the needs of Aragon are seen towards that horizon and we have implemented in the new 2024/25 academic year different cycles and specialization courses that deal with this technological progress,” The general director of Planning, Centers and FP, Luis Mallada, has pointed out.

Manuel Clavería, a student of Multiplatform Application Development at Salesianos Zaragoza , and participant in the AWS Deep Racer , has been involved in the rewards and punishments that artificial intelligence has received to be trained and learn to drive without leaving the circuit. programmed . For example, if the AI-based car model went off to the right of the circuit, Manuel and his team “punished the AI” so that it would not do so again.

“I recommend this experience to anyone. Artificial intelligence is going to be part of our lives, whether we like it or not, and learning how it works is useful for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to this,” said Manuel, a vocational training student and participant in the first edition of the Deep Racer Aragón.

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