Amazon Web Services' bet multiplies the initial investment by 6

Amazon Web Services redoubles its commitment to Aragon: 15.7 billion investments and 6,800 jobs

The investment will reach 15.7 billion euros, as well as the creation of 6,800 jobs by Amazon Web Services, as announced today by the president of Aragon, Jorge Azcón.

Raúl Gascón Tella Wednesday, May 22, 2024 / 11:42

New step in Aragón ‘s commitment to becoming a great technological reference in southern Europe. Amazon Web Services is going to redouble its investment in the Community, the highest in the history of the Community, with 15.7 billion euros in the next ten years and the creation of 6,800 jobs in the data centers of Villanueva de Gállego, El Burgo de Ebro and Huesca , plus another new facility in the Polígono Empresarium of Zaragoza .

This was announced by the technology giant in a massive event held this Wednesday at the Water Tower in Zaragoza, where the magnitude of this investment was revealed , which multiplies by six the amount that Amazon Web Services allocated to the Community in 2019. , when it announced the installation of an AWS Region with three data centers. Now, that amount rises to 15.7 billion euros, the largest investment in the history of the region.

But its impact will not only be felt in Aragon , since, at the national level, another 10,700 full-time jobs will be created, both in the technology sector and in other economic areas of the country and the Community. All of this reinforces the strategic position of Aragon as a great “ technology hub ” in southern Europe . “Aragon has a solid business fabric, with countless companies and businesses with strong roots, and we want to continue contributing with actions of social impact, sustainability and support for local communities ,” said the director of AWS in Spain and Portugal, Suzana Curic.


Specifically, with these expansions, Amazon Web Services will reach 400 hectares in the Community , multiplying by ten the land it already has in its three locations . In Huesca, it will develop another 62 hectares in the area of ​​Walqa , 700 meters from the current Plhus data center . In Villanueva de Gállego they will be located on 85 new hectares on both sides of the center that is already in operation . And in El Burgo de Ebro it will take shape in a new 44-hectare site, very close to the current building.

Although the largest infrastructure will be located in the Polígono Empresarium , next to the one projected by Microsoft in the PTR , where Amazon Web Services is going to acquire up to 147 hectares to build new facilities that will be linked to the El Burgo de Ebro data center . That is, it would be up to three times larger than the entire land on which the current data centers are located.


This investment, announced in style by the company and the Government of Aragon , comes four and a half years after it announced the decision to implement its seventh AWS Region in Aragon. In November 2022 , three years later – marked by a pandemic and increased costs – the data centers began to operate and, as they explain, serve “tens of thousands of customers ”, with “75% of the IBEX 35” and “many SMEs and NGOs”, although, when asked by the media, they have not been able to detail their performance capacity.

The company’s commitment includes training such as the Think Big Space program to train students from local schools, or the different educational programs available nationwide to help all types of audiences , from unemployed people looking to retrain, to more technical profiles. who want to specialize, including programs focused on Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) initiatives to inspire young people to pursue technical studies in the future.