Zaragoza is connected to 34 cities through this means of transport

Zaragoza, host of the 20th anniversary of the AVE Cities Network

The celebration will begin with a meeting of agencies on May 28

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This coming week Zaragoza celebrates the 20th anniversary of the AVE Cities Network with a complete program and the attendance of representatives and Tourism councilors from the towns connected by the High Speed.

Zaragoza will act as host, since it was in the Zaragoza municipality where the network was born in 2003 with nine associated destinations. Now, twenty years later, there are 34 cities connected by this means of transport, which has represented an opportunity for economic, social and tourist growth for their territories.

The network was created to jointly carry out promotional actions and common strategic projects, as well as to exchange experiences and promote tourism between destinations. The Aragonese capital held its presidency from its beginnings until the baton passed to the city of Lleida in 2008. Currently, Seville presides over the network, along with the vice-presidencies of Valladolid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Madrid and Granada.

Zaragoza collaborated in the drafting of the Statutes, as well as in the organization of the I Congress of the AVE Cities Network . From its beginnings until now, this alliance has continued to grow with the incorporation of new members, expanding the tourism offer to reach 34 cities. The objective is to promote the destinations that comprise it with a common strategy and a comfortable, fast and sustainable means of transportation, which also acts as an engine of development.


The AVE Cities Network association has chosen Zaragoza to celebrate the anniversary with a program of events that will be held on May 28 and 29. It will begin with a meeting with Spanish travel agencies on the morning of May 28 at the Pablo Gargallo Museum, where they will attend a guided tour, after which the presentation of Zaragoza and a networking event will take place.

That same day in the evening (May 28), the special 20th anniversary event will be held, which will include a visit to the Caesaraugusta Theater Museum, where the first meeting of the network took place, and to the Monastery of the Resurrection. Later, the celebration will continue at the Aura restaurant.

The next day, Wednesday the 29th , the Assembly and technical meeting will take place in the City Hall reception hall, where the promotional actions will be announced and new strategies for the network will be addressed.

These events, in addition to being a work forum, are also an opportunity to exchange experiences and share synergies, and to show travel agents and other cities the potential of Zaragoza as a tourist destination .

Throughout these twenty years of history, strategic plans, communication campaigns, fairs and events, meetings with professionals have been designed and alliances have been signed with Renfe , Turespaña, ETOA, CEAV and other ‘partners’ to enhance commercial action. both nationally and internationally of this product club.


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