International tourism recovers and now represents 29% | Photo: Pilar Álvarez

More than a million tourists visited Zaragoza in 2023

Tourism generated 5,296 direct jobs in Zaragoza in 2023

Vanesa Aso Martín Tuesday, May 28, 2024 / 18:07

Two out of every three people who visited Zaragoza in 2023 did so attracted by its monuments and culture . In total, the Aragonese capital welcomed 1.1 million travelers , 13% more than the previous year, who spent more time in the city. The average number of overnight stays was 1.7 days in hotels and 2.8 in tourist apartments . National tourists continued to be the most numerous, while foreign tourists stood at 29% , led by French (17%) and Italians (10%).

These are just some of the data reflected in the study carried out by the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Zaragoza . In it, precisely, it is shown how the main reason for the increase in tourism is related to the arrival of foreigners . “This type of travelers have registered an increase of 21% , compared to residents in Spain, whose growth was 10%,” explains Sociology professor, David Pac.

The arrival of tourists in 2023 also translated into a total economic impact of 632 million euros , of which 347 million are direct. In this sense, tourism generated 5,296 jobs in the Aragonese capital alone. Among tourists, they were attracted by monuments and culture , followed by leisure and gastronomy.

The 2023 tourism report has been released at the Plaza del Pilar Tourism Office | Photo: Pilar Álvarez
The 2023 tourism report has been released at the Plaza del Pilar Tourism Office | Photo: Pilar Álvarez

“The general balance we make is very positive . The reality is that we are already surpassing even some data from 2019, a reference and record year in many aspects. In addition, the first figures for 2024 tell us that the trend continues upwards and we are still with 10% more compared to 2023. We hope that the growth continues to be exponential,” stated the Minister of Education, Culture and Tourism, Sara Fernández .


In more specific data, the expenditure per person per day on accommodation was in most cases between 31 and 60 euros. In this sense, couples were the group that visited the city the most and spent the most per person per day. In fact, 75% said they spent more than 45 euros. Family and solo travel has also increased.

In addition, train travel is the most used to travel to Zaragoza (46%), followed by your own car , which remains at 36%. On the other hand, the level of overall satisfaction with the stay is outstanding, reaching a score of 9.