Each train could carry 40 intermodal units, whether containers or mobile boxes, in both directions, with 1,500 tons in national territory.

A dozen Aragonese companies look to the train to carry merchandise from Miranda de Ebro to Rotterdam

The Burgos company Trainmile Intermodal is working on a new “door-to-door” rail transport solution that will connect Miranda de Ebro with Rotterdam directly.

Raúl Gascón Tella Thursday, May 30, 2024 / 17:10

A dozen Aragonese companies have been interested in a new logistics proposal that could connect them with the heart of Europe . The Burgos company Trainmile Intermodal is working on a new “door-to-door” rail transport solution that will connect Miranda de Ebro with Rotterdam directly, through the Irún border crossing , which opens the door to the transfer of products throughout the country. continent .

This was explained this Thursday by the manager of Trainmile Intermodal , Tamara López, to a group of Aragonese logistics businessmen , grouped in the ALIA cluster , to present the advantages of intermodal freight transport . With this “ door-to-door ” offer , the products would leave the companies and arrive by truck to Miranda de Ebro , where they would board the train to Rotterdam and, from there, they would return to the truck or another rail connection to their destination.

For the operator, having a logistics node “as important” as Zaragoza would mean taking a step forward in its connection offer, which could be put into operation at the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025 . “The shipper is looking for a logistics solution from their factory to an address in the Netherlands or beyond, and we organize this proposal. We even have options from China . “We believe in multimodal transportation,” said López.

Each train could carry 40 intermodal units , whether containers or mobile boxes, in both directions, with 1,500 tons in national territory, which increases to 1,800 when crossing the borders . “If we make too many stops, we lose competitiveness in price , efficiency and transit hours . They are direct lines . Seeing the demands , it is possible to create other additional connections,” he explained.