The president of Ibercaja, Francisco Serrano; the CEO of Ibercaja, Víctor Iglesias; the general director of Fundación Ibercaja, José Luis Rodrigo; the director of the Asset Management and Insurance Area, Luis Miguel Carrasco; and the director of the People Area, José Ignacio Oto, together with the representatives of the awarded social entities

Ibercaja delivers 905,000 euros in donations to 16 social entities

The proceeds from the dinner, around 13,500 euros, have been given to the Picarral Foundation, which works for personal care, training and career guidance for people with mild intellectual disabilities or borderline intelligence.

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Ibercaja has held the third edition of its Solidarity Dinner, an event in which 905,000 euros of donations will be given to 16 projects of non-profit entities, within the framework of the “Your money with a heart” and “Solidarity impulse” initiatives.

Almost 700 people , from different leading companies and the main Aragonese business organizations, participated in the solidarity meeting in which the president of Ibercaja, Francisco Serrano , and the CEO of the Entity, Víctor Iglesias , participated in the Restaurant Aura of Zaragoza.

The general director of Fundación Ibercaja, José Luis Rodrigo , and the general directors of Ibercaja, Luis Miguel Carrasco and José Ignacio Oto , presented this Thursday to the media the operation of Ibercaja’s solidarity programs and this year’s aid resolution.

“Your money with heart” supports projects through the investment fund and pension plan “Ibercaja Sostenible y Solidario” . These products, in addition to investing sustainably, revert part of their commissions to social and environmental projects of non-profit entities. The participants, with their votes, actively collaborate in making this project possible.

“Solidarity Impulse” is an initiative aimed at Ibercaja staff with the aim of enhancing the Bank’s social commitment through the collaboration and direct participation of its workers. Through this program, employees present the social and environmental projects to which they are committed.

Both the investment fund and the retirement savings plan, in addition to being sustainable because they are managed incorporating ESG (environmental, social and good governance) criteria, are supportive since the management companies of both products annually donate a part of the management commission they receive for social and environmental projects. thus allowing its participants and Ibercaja to move towards a more cohesive and inclusive society.

These products are designed for people who, with their savings and investments, want to contribute to generating a positive impact on society through greater social and environmental returns and the support of initiatives and solidarity projects of the investment fund and the pension plan.

The funds raised at the Solidarity Dinner, from the donations of the almost 700 in-person attendees and the zero row tables acquired, have been allocated to the Picarral Foundation, which is focused on personal attention, training and career guidance so that people with mild intellectual disabilities or borderline intelligence can find work and lead a life as autonomous as possible. The Foundation has received a check for 13,464 euros that it will allocate to this work: 9,464 euros have been raised thanks to donations from those attending the Dinner and 4,000 euros come from the Investment Fund and the “Sustainable and Solidarity” Pension Plan.

Among the business and managerial organizations that have collaborated at the Dinner are CEOE Aragón, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zaragoza, Cepyme Aragón, AJE, Adea, College of Economists of Aragon, College of Pharmacists of Aragon and the business clusters CAAR and CLENAR .

The companies represented at the dinner with their own table are Ágreda Automóvil, Aldelís, Aramón, Arqa, Dexis Ibérica, Esic, Fersa, Fundación Infancia Solidaria, Fundación Rey Ardid, Fundación Sesé, Henneo, Híberus, Hoy Aragón, Industrias Químicas del Ebro, Integra , Levitec, and Seico Legal; and others such as Industrias Químicas del Aluminio, CEOE, IQE, Grober and the Aragonese Basketball Federation have participated with zero-line donations. In addition to the almost 400 employees of Ibercaja Banco, Fundación Ibercaja and Grupo Financiero Ibercaja who were among the attendees.


During the dinner, 905,000 euros of aid were awarded to sixteen projects of associations and non-profit organizations:

Projects “Your money with heart”

ASPACE Confederation: Technology for people with cerebral palsy; Spanish Parkinson Federation: Parkinson Rural. Putting people at the center; Porque Viven Foundation: There is no place like my home; Rey Ardid Foundation: Reconnect. Labor inclusion programs for vulnerable people; Communicate of Religious Adorers Slaves: Attention and social and work orientation to women and their sons/daughters in different situations of vulnerability; Ecomar Foundation: The sea includes everyone; Josep Carreras Foundation: The strong baby. Childhood leukemia research projects, and Padre Garralda Foundation: Open horizons, recovering childhoods. Children living in prison.

Solidarity Impulse Projects

Foundation at par: Access to Justice Unit for people with Intellectual Disabilities; ADRYA Association. Pindongos Project; CIRCLE Solidarity Childhood Foundation. healthy healthy program; Visible Foundation. Transforming Youth Mental Health; AMASOL Foundation. Amasolete plus space; Soledad Brotherhood of San Lorenzo de Seville. Chances project; CEPRI Association. Sustainable mobility for inclusion, and the Red Cross. Energy poverty, direct attention to vulnerable families.

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