This park will be installed on about 46 hectares without building next to the Río Ebro campus

This will be the technology park planned by the DGA in Zaragoza

This park will be installed on some 46 undeveloped hectares next to the Río Ebro campus , initially intended for facilities of the University of Zaragoza.

Raúl Gascón Tella Tuesday, June 11, 2024 / 10:24

First step by the Government of Aragon to weave the new technology park that will be implemented in Zaragoza, next to the Río Ebro campus, as announced by President Jorge Azcón during the “ The Wave ” congress. It will be a state-of-the-art space that aims to promote the culture of innovation and competitiveness among companies, channeling all the momentum to the cloud economy that the Community will experience with the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft data centers, together to others who join in the near future.

Thus, the Government of Aragon, through the IAF, put out to tender this Friday the drafting of the Master Plan and the feasibility study for the development of this Zaragoza Technology and Innovation Park . The Community already has two spaces of these characteristics: Walqa , in Huesca, specialized in the field of ICT technologies , biotechnology and renewable energies ; and TechnoPark, in Alcañiz, focused on mobility in all its aspects.

Specifically, this park will be installed on some 46 undeveloped hectares next to the Río Ebro campus , initially intended for facilities of the University of Zaragoza . In this area, we will seek to generate an innovation and digital ecosystem, taking advantage of the synergies that can occur with the implementation of world-renowned companies in Aragon, such as Microsoft or Amazon Web Services.

The objective is to implement a mix of
multiple innovative companies, digital, technological and sustainable
The objective is to implement a mix of multiple innovative companies, digital, technological and sustainable


To achieve this, the objective is to implement a mix of multiple companies of an innovative, digital , technological and sustainable nature , in addition to the aforementioned world leaders. A key factor, as recognized in the tender, will be to attract in the short term a reference company that acts as a tractor for the Technology Park, complemented by a collaborative building that functions as a seedbed for companies and a common link for the Park.

Furthermore, to increase the attractiveness of the park, the design of service buildings, with public-private participation, is contemplated , such as a co-housing area (spaces shared by several entities), dining room, daycare or even gym . Likewise, in the Master Plan all urban plots , roads, green areas and public spaces will be projected, prioritizing those with the capacity to house tractor companies in the short term.


This park was born as a “ strategic ” and “ legislative ” project to promote the development of Aragon as a “ technological hub ” of “reference in Europe”, as highlighted by the vice president and Minister of Economy, Mar Vaquero , who wants “strengthen that position in the future .” “To achieve this, we must continue implementing a strategy that is aimed not only at encouraging the arrival of technological giants and the launch of new projects , but also at ensuring that they have the appropriate conditions to continue growing, innovating and generating valuable projects that , from Aragon, are exported to all corners of the world,” he noted.