It will be applied to imports of cars manufactured in China that use batteries that reach up to 38.1%

The European Commission announces tariffs on imports of Chinese electric cars

Tariffs will be applied from July 4 in the event that the Chinese authorities do not want to reach an agreement

Redacción Thursday, June 13, 2024 / 09:41

The European Commission has agreed to impose tariffs, in the event that a solution is not agreed with the Chinese authorities, on imports of cars manufactured in China that use batteries that reach up to 38.1% 

As reported by the Commission, this decision is made after an investigation formally initiated last October into the subsidies that China grants to imports of its battery electric vehicles because their prices are artificially lower than European prices.

Based on this investigation, the Commission today decided to impose new tariffs, concluding that Chinese manufacturers are benefiting from “unfair” subsidies, causing a “threat” to European electric vehicle producers.

Specifically, the tariffs are 17.4% for the manufacturer BYD, for Geely it is 20% and for Saic it is 38.1%. Meanwhile, for other electric car producers that have cooperated with the investigation, the tariff would be 21%, and for those that have not cooperated it would rise to 38.1%. For Tesla, which produces in China, “could receive” an individual tariff.

The Commission has stated that it has contacted the Chinese authorities to explore solutions to these problems that are compatible with World Trade Organization rules. If a solution is not agreed, the tariffs would be applied effectively as of July 4.

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