Oboria Digital currently has 22 workers in its offices in Zaragoza.

The creators of the Las Vegas Sphere are already working on new projects, including one in Spain

The president of the DGA, Jorge Azcón, has visited the offices of Oboria Digital in the Coso de Zaragoza and has celebrated that it takes the name of Aragón “to the highest level”

Raúl Gascón Tella Friday, June 14, 2024 / 09:48

Working on projects such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai , the tallest building in the world, and the Sphere in Las Vegas opens the doors to a multitude of new initiatives around the planet. This is the case of Oboria Digital , a company of 22 workers with its offices in the Zaragoza Arena that has achieved world fame in the design of the screens of the majestic show hall in the United States.

n fact, such has been the rain of offers and projects that those responsible for the company have to decide which ones they are going to face, aware that these designs require absolutely meticulous work, as recognized by its director , Miguel Fontgivell. “We cannot face everything that we have been called to do with the way we like to work and the quality we like to provide,” he stated.

Currently, they are already designing a project in Spain , which was a “thorn in their side”, in addition to others in the Middle East and North America , which “have always been our big markets”, with which they could return to the 30 workers they reached in the peak design moment of the Sphere . “We are more committed to technological innovation and to people being able to do more with less, rather than the size of the workforce. We like to move between 22 and 30 people, although perhaps now we have to go a little further,” said Fontgivell.


In this sense, the great dream continues to be to be able to design a project in their homeland, in Aragon , although the economic magnitude of the constructions – the Sphere in Las Vegas amounted to 2,000 million euros – is a handicap to take into account. “We hope to have some at some point. We were very excited to have you in Spain. We did some in Zaragoza, but not in LED technology or artificial intelligence or architecture, which we would like to have an opportunity for,” he added.

His world fame came with the Burj Khalifa in Dubai , which was a “turning point” towards a new magnitude in international projects. “We had been doing projects outside for many years. We have almost never worked in Europe . The tallest building in the world is a very good letter of introduction and was a turning point, as the Sphere seems to be,” Fontgivell said.

President Azcón visited the company's offices this Wednesday.
President Azcón visited the company’s offices this Wednesday.


The director of Oboria Digital made these statements during a visit by the president of Aragon, Jorge Azcón , to his office at the Zaragoza Arena , where they carefully designed all the details of the Sphere. In fact, the leader of the regional Executive has celebrated that this company can take “the name of Aragon to the top.” “Oboria Digital is the example of the Aragon that we want to build , especially at a time when the technology sector is being promoted, which we want to become an economic engine for our Community and which is already doing so thanks to million-dollar investments related to it. with technology companies,” he highlighted.