The event places the Aragonese capital at the epicenter of the debate on the future of sustainable mobility in Spain

Forbes chooses Zaragoza to lead the debate on sustainable mobility in Spain

Councilor Octavio López has stressed that mobility has to be ” sustainable both at an environmental and social level”

Redacción Monday, June 17, 2024 / 16:53

Zaragoza and the Mobility City have been the setting chosen by Forbes to celebrate the 1st edition of the Sustainable Mobility Summit , which brought together a powerful group of speakers this Thursday to talk about innovation , accessibility and quality in the future of sustainable mobility . The meeting, which included Evercom, Mobility City , Fundación Ibercaja and Uber as partners and with the collaboration of the Government of Aragon and SigmaDos, has also addressed the role that companies, public administrations and citizens play in this progress towards sustainable mobility.

The event places the Aragonese capital at the epicenter of the debate on the future of sustainable mobility in Spain. The event was attended by the Secretary General of Sustainable Mobility of the Ministry of Transport, Álvaro Fernández Heredia, with the focus on the new Mobility Law being processed; Octavio López , Minister of Development, Housing, Mobility and Logistics of the Government of Aragon, who has announced the implementation of the concession map ; and the mayor of Zaragoza , Natalia Chueca , who has highlighted that the capital is a ” pioneer ” in promoting initiatives aimed at the city’s goal of being climate neutral by 2030.

For his part, Councilor Octavio López has stressed that mobility has to be “ sustainable both at an environmental and social level. Aragon is a territory that also needs to provide service to all those people who live in rural areas, who “Any Aragonese has the same opportunities when it comes to moving.”


The political scientist Cristina Monge has spoken with the general secretary of Sustainable Mobility of the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Álvaro Fernández Heredia, who has expressed his wish that the sustainable mobility law of the Government of Spain, currently in the amendment phase, be approved soon , and which in his words “is a law whose objective is to provide accessibility to the entire population by guaranteeing public transport adapted to everyone.”

The focus has also been placed on strategies from the public, in the table moderated by Jaime Gil-Robles, a consultant specialized in green hydrogen, and in which Jaime Armengol, coordinator of Mobility City, has provided the data that 5 out of 10 Euros spent on energy “are for moving us,” according to a study by the Polytechnic of Madrid.

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