The most viewed exhibition was "Pixar. 25 years of animation"

Free exhibitions and a micro-concert to celebrate the 10 years of CaixaForum Zaragoza

The exhibition center celebrates a decade with 2.3 million visitors and 60 exhibitions and will celebrate it on June 27 with free admission to “Top Secret. Cinema and espionage”

Redacción Monday, June 17, 2024 / 17:01

The CaixaForum Zaragoza, dedicated to cultural and scientific dissemination, celebrates 10 years of experience with 60 exhibitions, a total of 2.3 million visits and more than 2,200 different activities organized for all audiences. Coinciding with its anniversary date, the center will promote an open day on June 27 with free entry to the Top Secret exhibition. Cinema and espionage and a micro-concert by the Aragonese band 9 Dedos. Throughout these years, CaixaForum Zaragoza has established itself as a key cultural, civic and social reference in the city, contributing to creating a network.

CaixaForum Zaragoza was inaugurated with the aim of offering global and innovative programming, with a multitude of initiatives, such as exhibitions, multimedia art, debates on the big current issues, concerts, cinema, performing arts, social days, educational and family workshops, and also activities aimed at older people. Thus, of the more than 2.3 million visitors, around 80% are from the city of Zaragoza. Around 60% are women, between 46 and 55 years old, and around 28% come as a couple.

In addition, the wide cultural offer aimed at schools attracts more than 30,000 children every year , who enjoy and learn at the center through workshops, shows, conferences, screenings and dynamic or commented visits to the exhibitions. These data certify CaixaForum Zaragoza’s commitment to education through culture and consolidate it as a leading educational space in the city.


During these years, the exhibition halls have hosted proposals of all styles and themes: from painting, photography, ancient, modern and contemporary art and cinema, to other exhibitions that have allowed us to discover current topics and technology, such as the immersive experience Symphony, a journey to the heart of music, or delve into other worlds and cultures. Among the exhibitions that have been most visited are Pixar: 25 years of animation (141,367 visitors) and Egyptian Mummies, the secret of eternal life (100,176 visitors).

In 2017, CaixaForum Zaragoza promoted the unpublished exhibition Goya and the Illustrated Court , attracting 58,508 visitors who were able to appreciate some of the artist’s most famous paintings such as ‘The Blind Hen’ or ‘The Pelele’. Other of the most successful exhibitions among the public have been Objects Speak, collections from the Prado Museum (68,496 visitors); Settecento. Masterpieces of Italian painting from the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (64,471 visitors); and Disney. The Art of Telling Stories (88,969 visitors) and, recently, the Mummies of Egypt exhibition. Rediscovering six lives, in alliance with the British Museum (73,520 visitors).

CaixaForum Zaragoza currently hosts the Top Secret exhibition. Cinema and espionage, which explores the untold history of the links between the professions of actors and spies, spanning a century of relationship: from Mata Hari to Carrie Mathison, passing through James Bond and Edward Snowden. In addition, starting July 11, the public will be able to enjoy the Art and Nature exhibition. A century of biomorphism, which proposes a journey through the art of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st through a fruitful dialogue between different creative languages ​​around art and nature with works by artists of the stature of Kandinsky, Miró, Dalí, Le Corbusier or Paul Klee.


Since its inauguration, it has opted for a stable program of activities for all types of audiences ranging from conferences and dialogues to projections, concerts or shows, as well as Summer Nights, which have become consolidated among the highlights of the summer programming of the city. From June 26 to July 24, this edition dedicates its programming to five themes spread over five nights: humor (June 26), magic (July 3), swing (July 10), circus (July 17) and rhythm (July 24).

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