CEOE met its Digital Economy Commission this Monday to discuss the impact of the expansion of the three data centers

Taking advantage of the pull of Amazon Web Services in the Aragonese economic fabric, the challenge that CEOE sets itself

As Amazon Web Services advanced, the company ‘s plans are to multiply its initial investment in Aragon by six, with the expansion of the three data centers in Villanueva de Gállego , Huesca and El Burgo de Ebro

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The Aragonese employers’ association wants to take advantage of the pull that Amazon Web Services is going to generate in the economic fabric of the Community. To this end, it has brought together its Digital Economy Commission this Monday , with the aim of assuming responsibility for leading the technological transformation that may be caused by the expansion of the three data centers , together with the implementation of other facilities of the Same Microsoft features .

With an investment of 15.7 billion euros and the creation of 6,800 jobs – adding direct, indirect and induced jobs – CEOE intends to activate all its mechanisms so that this macro project represents a before and after for the entire Aragonese economy . “We want to listen and open a debate to address the challenges , opportunities and problems and the tailwind that this investment will generate ,” said the president of the Digital Economy Commission of CEOE Aragón, Beatriz Calvo.

Among the “ very clear ” opportunities that appear for the Community , it stands out that “it will put us on the map ”, both in the technological field and in other investments that may come. “Having a large data center arouses the interest of many other companies that wonder why in Aragon and start investigating . They will understand that we have access to energy resources, social peace and institutions that support these investments . Surely many other companies at the business level will bet on our Community ,” Calvo explained.

But it also generates short-term risks, such as an “ over-need ” of talent , one of the “ debates in capital letters ” of recent years in the Community. “We don’t have to stay with short-term problems , but rather see medium-term opportunities . If we do not go through a difficult stage in the short term, among all the agents who must solve the problem , we would not act. We are going to have to need ingenuity to have training and attract employees,” stressed the president of this commission.

As Amazon Web Services advanced, the company ‘s plans involve multiplying its initial investment in Aragon by six, with the expansion of the three data centers in Villanueva de Gállego , Huesca and El Burgo de Ebro , the latter also with a macro installation in Zaragoza of almost 150 hectares. The technology giant aspires to create 6,800 jobs, although the employers recognize that a good part will go to construction . “In the short term, there is a volume of jobs that will be filled in construction . When you enter the maintenance phase , resources are rationalized, with the administration of cooling systems and infrastructure . There will be a baseline of employment that will remain,” Calvo pointed out.

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