Antonio García carries the Real Zaragoza shield through the Euro Cup

Wearing the Real Zaragoza shield at the Euro Cup in Germany, “an emotion that is difficult to explain”

The Aragonese Antonio García wears the white and blue in the Euro Cup and admits having met 30 or 35 Zaragoza supporters in Berlin

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In any corner of the world it will not be difficult to find a Zaragoza throat and heart . The feeling for Real Zaragoza , the greatness of the shield and the desire to shout from the four winds the pride of defending their colors does not cease when crossing the borders. When the world of football looks closely at the Euro Cup , when Spain unites to support its team and leaves club differences aside, the lion’s shield glimpses among the crowd, this time, in Germany.

Real Zaragoza already knows what it’s like to walk through stadiums on the European continent, although to remember it you have to travel back many years. In current times, when Real Zaragoza works to face its twelfth season in the Second Division , its name remains alive in Europe thanks to its loyal fans , people like Antonio.

Antonio García , along with two other Zaragoza fans, has dyed Berlin blue and white and will do the same this Thursday in Gelsenkirchen. Waving his Spanish flag with the Real Zaragoza shield attached to its fabric, he highlighted the omnipresence of the lion on the field and on television in La Roja’s debut. And he wasn’t the only one.

Real Zaragoza published a photo of a young Zaragoza player wearing the Belsué shirt and Antonio confesses that he has met many since his arrival . “If I haven’t seen 30 or 35 Zaragoza fans, apart from us, neither good nor bad. The day before the game even more so,” he explains, confessing that they were equipped and recognized each other.

Antonio García in Spain - Croatia.
Antonio García in Spain – Croatia.

Personally, for Antonio , going with the Spanish flag wearing the Real Zaragoza shield or walking around with the Aragonese team’s jersey is “the greatest thing.” “It awakens an emotion inside you that is difficult to explain ,” he describes. Furthermore, he indicates that, except for very young people, everyone from any country recognizes the shield.


Before experiencing that, their adventure began last Friday. It was then that he headed to Germany , taking a Bilbao – Hamburg flight, until finally arriving in Berlin , where on Saturday he enjoyed Spain ‘s debut and a great preview with the Marea Roja supporters club , the only one in the team and whose president, David Cebollada , is from Zaragoza.

As a football fan, both for Real Zaragoza and the Spanish team, since he found out that the tournament would be held in Germany he knew that he could not miss the opportunity. “I was especially excited that it was in Germany. He had not been there and I wanted to meet him, it was a good opportunity,” he confesses.

Traveling and live football are his great hobbies and he admits that he had already seen Spain six or seven times before (countless trips with the skilled team). One of them also in a Euro Cup, that of the pandemic, specifically the Spain – Poland match that was played in La Cartuja in Seville . Thus, he explains that he loves doing this type of trip, since it is a very enriching experience beyond sports: “The atmosphere that is created, sharing time with friends doing what we like most, plus the tourism, that is enough.”

A tourism that they take advantage of between games. After watching Spain – Croatia and visiting some German cities, the Aragonese are now heading towards their new destination to attend Spain – Italy this Thursday and put the finishing touch to their experience at the Euro Cup , since they cannot stay any longer due to work.

However, even if it was brief, the time has been enough to see a magical atmosphere: “Wherever you go, any street is full of people who have come to the same thing as us. “It’s brutal.” In addition, he aims to be in harmony with the rest of his hobbies. “We shared beers and exchanged t-shirts with the Croatians,” Antonio declares with a laugh.

Real Zaragoza, very present in the German Euro Cup.
Real Zaragoza, very present in the German Euro Cup.


After a season of suffering with Real Zaragoza, the Blanquilo fan is confident in experiencing some joy with the national team: “ Spain does not have star players, except perhaps Rodri, but as a team they do not have to be afraid of anyone, they do not equal us no selection,” he says confidently.

With his heart now focused on La Roja, he remembers that with it he suffers much less than with his club, although “it is different” for him, because Real Zaragoza also “awakens feelings in him that nothing else does.”

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