The talk took place at ESIC Aragón

Itesal stars in a new edition of ESIC’s “Aragonese Cases of Business Success”

The general director of the company, Armando Mateos, has reviewed the past, present and future of Itesal in this 26th edition

Redacción Friday, June 21, 2024 / 19:22

Itesal has been the protagonist this Thursday of a new edition of “Aragonese Cases of Business Success” organized by ESIC Aragón.

With more than 30 years of life, the Aragonese company, a reference in the design, manufacture and distribution of aluminum systems and solutions for architecture, is currently recognized for being a company with values ​​​​very oriented towards sustainability, support, architecture and design.

In this 26th edition , the general director of Itesal, Armando Mateos , has reviewed the past, present and future of the company, which currently has the largest national distribution network in the sector, with more than 30 warehouses spread across different parts of the country. ; It has more than 200 workers and an annual turnover of 64 million euros.

Mateos, during his speech, pointed out that “at Itesal we highly value training ; it is a fundamental pillar for improvement and excellence, and our commitment is clear and firm.” Likewise, he has praised all the company’s workers, “they are all very hard-working people; it is an honor that they are with us.”

Likewise, he stated that “at Itesal, the key to the success of these more than three decades lies in the work and effort of the entire team , in addition to the correct vision of the future of the company’s founders.”

The talk took place at ESIC Aragón
The talk took place at ESIC Aragón

Armando Mateos also wanted to highlight that “Itesal will work in its desire to achieve excellence to be a benchmark in the sector, offering our end customers the best service and installed product, in addition to transmitting our values ​​to reduce the carbon footprint.”


To conclude, the journalist María Gracia, collaborator of El Mundo, and Antonio Sangó, director of ESIC Aragón, have been in charge of having a round table with Armando Mateos.

There the general director of the company has revealed the strategic pillars on which Itesal stands and has highlighted all the practical actions that Itesal is developing to achieve the objective of “decarbonization”, among them, the implementation of solar panels, the recent launch of Eternalum , a 100% post-consumer aluminum alloy that leads the market, or various improvements in manufacturing processes thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

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