Image from the movie La Estrella Azul by Javier Macipe | Photo: Zaragoza Film Office

These are the 7 locations of the new Zaragoza film route

So far this year, Zaragoza has been the setting for the filming of 88 films

Vanesa Aso Martín Friday, June 21, 2024 / 11:53

125 years have passed since the Jimenos recorded “Salida de misa de las twelve del Pilar” , considered one of the first filmed images of cinema. Since then, filming in Zaragoza has not stopped growing. So much so, that so far this year alone, 88 films have already been filmed . Now, the Zaragoza City Council has launched a new guided tour, “Zaragoza, City of Cinema”, with the idea of ​​visiting filming locations such as Menudas Pieces or La Estrella Azul with the aim of Zaragoza residents and tourists experiencing history. from the cinema at street level.

Specifically, these are seven totems that have been distributed throughout different enclaves of the city based on the locations of 95 film productions identified and geolocated by the Zaragoza Film Office. Citizens will be able to make the free visit using a QR code or book one of the Zaragoza Turismo guided tours that will begin in September for 5.50 euros. In this article we tell you what the route is. 


The first preserved images of Spanish cinema were filmed in front of the main door of the Basilica del Pilar by Eduardo Jimeno in 1899. Almost a hundred years later, in 1996, the Zaragoza director José Luis Borau filmed a recreation of almost 700 extras. However, there are many films that have used Plaza del Pilar as a setting. That first totem on the route remembers them all. 

  • Baturra Nobility (1925), by Joaquín Dicenta
  • Alert in the sky (1961), by Luis César Amadori
  • Let the Ugly Die (2010), by Nacho García Velilla
Vicky Calavia, Nacho García Velilla, Gaizka Urresti, Miguel Ángel Lamata and Javier Calvo have inaugurated the route
Vicky Calavia, Nacho García Velilla, Gaizka Urresti, Miguel Ángel Lamata and Javier Calvo have inaugurated the route


The view of Zaragoza over the Ebro has been preferred for centuries by artists who have represented the city and has also been chosen by many filmmakers such as Florián Rey, Juan de Orduña or José María Forqué. The second totem on the route is located on Paseo Echegaray, next to the Nautical Club, from where different works are also remembered.

  • Secondary roads (1997), by Emilio Martínez Lázaro
  • Guilty for a crime (1966), by José Antonio Duce


The streets and squares of the historic center have also been the setting for many films. A third totem in Plaza San Felipe tells us about them.

  • From your window to mine (2012), by Paula Ortiz
  • Our lovers (2016), by Miguel Ángel Lamata. 
  • Secondary Roads (1997), by Martínez Lázaro
  • The Girls (2020), by Pilar Palomero
  • Blessed Calamity (2015), by Gaizka Urresti
  • Meow, (2018), by Ignacio Estaregui


The area of ​​Plaza España, El Tubo and Paseo Independencia have not been left behind either. Like other locations in the Historic Center, they have corners that have been real filming scenes for different productions.

  • Stray Dogs II (1979), by José Antonio de la Loma
  • One of Zombies, (2004), by Miguel Ángel Lamata


One of the most emblematic places in the city is the Aljafería Palace. In recent years, this building has become the setting for numerous national and international television series. The route reaches there with another of its totems. 

  • El Cid (2020) 
  • Vampire Academy (2021)
  • Opera Stories (1991), chapter dedicated to Verdi’s Il Trovatore


The movie neighborhood of Zaragoza, Valdespartera, also became a film set years before it became as we know it today. There, in 1958, “Solomon and Queen Sheba” by King Vidor was filmed . The leading actors were big stars of the time: Tyrone Power, Gina Lollobrigida and George Sanders, who stayed at the Grand Hotel, where the Production department office was also located.


Another space chosen for various filming has been the city airport and the old American base, where a totem will also be placed. 

  • Alert in the sky (1961), by Luis César Amadori
  • Secondary roads (1997), by Emilio Martínez Lázaro
  • La Fortuna (2021), by Alejandro Amenabar
  • The Interpreter (2023), Guy Ritchie