The mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca, collects the award

Zaragoza receives the Tree Award for its urban naturalization strategy

The mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca , collected the Tree Award today in Madrid

Guillermo Pemán Portella Friday, June 21, 2024 / 12:06

The mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca , collected today in Madrid the Tree Award with which the City Council has been recognized for its Zaragoza Natura l strategy. This strategy aims to connect the city through nature, improving the well-being of the population and biodiversity.

The award is promoted by the Cities Forum and recognizes initiatives that use nature as a tool to improve urban environments. Zaragoza has been awarded in the category of towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

The award ceremony took place during the 2024 Cities Forum that was held at IFEMA , in Madrid, and in which more than fifty Spanish and Latin American local governments, a hundred experts participated over three days. of professional associations, public entities, social organizations and other entities.

Prior to the presentation of the Tree Award , the mayor participated in the opening of the work session dedicated to “Urban Green Infrastructure, Wellbeing and Health”. Natalia Chueca has highlighted ‘the ambitious strategy of renaturalization and recovery of degraded spaces in which Zaragoza is immersed’ and has given as an example the two large transversal projects that the council is promoting: the Zaragozanos Forest and the regeneration of the Huerva River.

“Zaragoza is the second Spanish city in quality of life and it is no coincidence. We have been transforming the city for five years and placing green infrastructure at the center of our activity,” he explained. “We are doing it through large projects but also street by street, in each of the urban reforms, and with a new conservation strategy for our green areas to help improve air quality, achieve more sustainable maintenance and expand the biodiversity of the spaces,” he noted.

Mayor Natalia Chueca has highlighted that this strategy has been recognized nationally and internationally and has earned Zaragoza being selected for the mission of the 100 Climate Neutral Cities by 2030.

The 2024 Cities Forum took place this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Madrid and served to debate the urban transformations that cities are promoting to improve people’s quality of life and protect the environment. They have exposed good practices that can serve as a reference and help cities evaluate their objectives and implement improvements.