This initiative will be available from tomorrow, June 26, until next September 16

Goya’s parasol or Boys on Sorolla beach: Aragón becomes an open-air museum

The cultural project “In a place in Aragón” brings 17 life-size replicas of masterpieces from the Prado Museum to the province of Zaragoza

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Boys on the Beach by Sorolla, The Spinners by Velázquez, Saint Isabel of Portugal by Zurbarán, Charles V on Horseback in Mülhberg by Titian, The Parasol or The Naked Maja by Goya are some of the 17 life-size replicas of the Museum ‘s masterpieces del Prado that have been placed in different places in the city and the Campo de Belchite region . The cultural project, “ In a place in Aragón ”, has turned the province of Zaragoza into an open-air museum with reproductions of paintings located in public spaces.

This initiative of the Prado Museum, together with Territorio Goya and Telefónica, will be available from tomorrow, June 26, until next September 16 with the aim of “bringing culture closer to all citizens, even those who are furthest from urban centers and are not close enough to go to the museum regularly,” says the head of communication at the Prado Museum, Carlos Chaguaceda.

Through the works exhibited in the locations, visitors will be able to take a chronological tour of the different schools that make up the artistic panorama of the permanent collection of the Prado Museum, from the 15th century to the first years of the 20th century . “The project will allow us to learn, through painting, part of the history of Spain and Europe, at the hands of the great masters of Spanish, Italian, Flemish, French, German and Dutch painting,” indicates the president of the Cortes of Aragon, Marta Fernández.

“Our interest is always promotion through cultural means. That is, highlighting so that the visitor knows the richness of the territory ,” indicates the director of Territorio Goya. The objective of the exhibition is that, after Aragón, it undertakes a tour of other communities.


In the Aljafería Palace, the life-size replica of the work “ Fight of Saint George and the Dragon ”, by the Baroque painter of the Flemish school Peter Paul Rubens , created between 1605 and 1607, remains on display since this morning. Measuring 309 by 257 centimeters, the work chosen expressly for the Aljafería Palace, headquarters of the Cortes of Aragon, due to its special significance for Aragon, is exhibited in the patio that gives access to the Chapel of San Martín, one of the places emblematic.

The work has been chosen for its symbolism as Saint George is the patron saint of Aragon, after being decided by the Cortes of Aragon (Cortes de Calatayud) in 1461.


In addition to the work exhibited in the Aljafería Palace, the pieces exhibited and their places or municipalities of exhibition are:

  1. Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci’s Workshop), Zaragoza Provincial Council Tourist Office .
  2. Fra Angelico. The Annunciation. Full
  3. Titian. Charles V on Horseback in Mülhberg. Azuara
  4. Raphael. Cardinal. Samper del Salz
  5. Rembrandt. Judith at Holofernes’ banquet. Fuendetodos
  6. Velazquez. Spinners. Almochuel
  7. Velazquez. The Surrender of Breda. Elbow
  8. Sorolla. Boys on the beach. Almonacid from Cuba
  9. Antonio Moro. Mary Tudor. The cat
  10. Riverbank. Jacob’s dream. Valmadrid
  11. Zurbaran. Saint Elizabeth of Portugal. Moneva
  12. Veronese. Venus and Adonis. Letux
  13. Goya. Sun visor. Belchite
  14. Goya. The dressed maja. The Puebla de Albortón
  15. Claudius of Lorraine. The embarkation of Santa Paula Romana. Lécera
  16. Sonisba Anguissola. Philip II. Moyuela
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