The Ordesa Zipline reaches up to 189 km/h. Photo: Ordesa Pirineo Zipline

It reaches 189 km/h and brakes with a parachute: the fastest zip line in the world is in Aragon

You have never felt speed like you can on the Ordesa Zipline, capable of reaching 189 kilometres per hour during a two-kilometre descent.

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Discover a new dimension of adventure tourism in Huesca with the fastest zip line in the world, which not only impresses by reaching speeds of up to 189 km/h but also because it can be used as a couple.

Located in the Pyrenees , this attraction is a mandatory stop for adrenaline lovers and those looking for unique experiences on their trips.

If you are looking for Ziplines in Huesca , don’t miss the fastest in the world and the second longest in Europe .

What is the Ordesa Pirineos Zipline like?

The Ordesa Zip Line , strategically located between Jaca and Aínsa , offers a unique experience with spectacular views of the Ordesa and Monte Perdido Park.

Recognized as the fastest zipline in the world, this attraction reaches impressive speeds, reaching a record 189 kilometers per hour under optimal conditions, with an expert participant dressed in a suit designed to minimize air resistance and equipped with a parachute. braking.

For the general public, the usual speed ranges between 130 and 160 kilometers per hour and, in this case, a parachute to act as a airbrake is not necessary.

The fastest zip line in Huesca has a length of 2,036 meters, a gradient of 400 meters and an average slope of 20% , offering a route that lasts between 65 and 80 seconds.

This brief, but intense experience allows visitors to experience the sensation of flying between the mountains of the Pyrenees in a very special way.

In addition to the exciting adventure on the Tena Valley zip line , the experience includes additional services such as parking, a terrace area from where you can watch the departure and arrival, and a guided 4×4 tour to the Pyrenees and Ordesa viewpoint , which makes the Ordesa Pirineos Zipline a complete and enriching tourist attraction.

This experience is presented as an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy nature and adrenaline in one of the most impressive landscapes in Europe .

You can also fly as a couple

At the Ordesa Pirineos Zipline , in addition to the possibility of flying alone, you have the option of living this exciting experience as a couple. To do so, it is necessary to book two individual flights for the same time and, once at the facilities, inform the guides of your intention to descend together.

However, certain conditions must be taken into account to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of both participants: the combined weight must not exceed 150 kilograms and the weight difference between both participants must not be more than 40 kilograms .

For minors who wish to fly, the minimum weight required is 40 kilograms if they are alone, and 35 kilograms if they are accompanied , always maintaining the rule of not exceeding the 40 kilogram weight difference between them and their companion. These measures are essential to ensure a safe and stable flight.

Price of the Ordesa Pirineo Zip Line

The Ordesa Pirineo Zip Line  offers an exciting experience with varied prices that adapt to different age groups and time preferences. For young people between 18 and 26 years old , the zip line has a special promotion called ” Low Cost Flight .”

This package is priced at only 36 euros and is available from March 1 to December 10 , Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, long weekends and the summer season. The times to take advantage of this offer are specific to midday: 1:50 p.m., 2:10 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 2:50 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

For those outside this age range, the price of the individual flight is 43.90 euros . This rate allows visitors to enjoy the same exciting experience of flying above the valley and appreciate the stunning views it offers, guaranteeing an unforgettable adventure at any time of the year.

How to get to the Ordesa Pirineo zip line:

The other great zip line in Huesca: the Tena Valley zip line

The Tena Valley zipline in Huesca , known as the Hoz zipline , represents another impressive adventure attraction in the region. Opened in July 2016 after six years of meticulous preliminary work, feasibility studies and testing, this zipline is distinguished by being the first in Spain to adopt a double-end format.

Its route extends for one kilometre from the village, flying over the picturesque Búbal swamp , and offers a unique experience when descending in a “sitting” position. Although the acceleration is smooth and progressive, the speed reaches 100 kilometres per hour at the fastest point of the descent, ensuring an exciting adventure that lasts approximately one minute and 10 seconds.

Precision braking, with a double speed reduction system, facilitates a smooth and safe stop, concluding this brief but vibrant experience. Access to the departure point is easy, being located just 200 meters from the office , where all the necessary instructions and safety tips are provided to guarantee a smooth descent.

Weight requirements are a minimum of 40 kilos and a maximum of 125 kilos , and there is no age restriction, although those with medical conditions that may be aggravated by strong emotions, such as heart problems or severe vertigo, are advised not to participate.

The cost of the experience is 22 euros for all participants and, except in November when it closes for maintenance, the zip line is available all year round, offering locals and visitors an exciting way to explore and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Huesca .

Location: from the Tena Valley Zipline

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