These establishments offer new gastronomic experiences

Seven vegetarian restaurants in Zaragoza that will surprise you

Discover the best corners to enjoy a vegetarian gastronomic experience in Zaragoza.

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In recent years, Zaragoza has seen an increase in vegetarian and vegan restaurants, offering residents a wide range of healthy and creative options.

These establishments have attracted both vegetarians and vegans and those seeking new gastronomic experiences.

Here we present seven options to enjoy vegetarian food in Zaragoza.


Artichokes are a star ingredient in this establishment. Photo: Baobab Restaurant
Artichokes are a star ingredient in this establishment. Photo: Baobab Restaurant

vegetarian restaurant in Zaragoza that you should not miss is Baobab.

Since its inception in 2005, Baobab has been a point of reference for vegetarian food lovers in Zaragoza . Located near the University of Zaragoza , this restaurant is defined by a philosophy of “vegetarian cuisine without dogmas or complexes”, making it a welcoming and accessible place for everyone.

The Baobab menu is an invitation to discover a wide variety of delicious and creative dishes. Among its specialties are “Green Curry Rice” and “Eggplant Millefeuille”, which reflect the imagination and culinary innovation that characterize this establishment. In addition, its daily menu changes weekly, always offering new options to delight the palate.

One of the most appreciated aspects of Baobab is its commitment to local products from Aragon , which are carefully selected to star in its dishes.

And for those who have dietary restrictions, the restaurant offers a wide variety of options for vegans and celiacs , ensuring that all diners can enjoy a satisfying dining experience.

Telephone:  976 359 011

South Neighborhood

Barrio Sur's menu offers a wide variety of vegetarian options. Photo: Barrio Sur Zaragoza
Barrio Sur’s menu offers a wide variety of vegetarian options. Photo: Barrio Sur Zaragoza

Another  vegetarian restaurant in Zaragoza is Barrio Sur , located on San Jorge Street, number 29 . What distinguishes this place is not only its food, but also its colorful decoration adorned with an eclectic collection of posters that add a touch of unique personality to the environment.

Barrio Sur’s menu offers a wide variety of vegetarian options to satisfy all palates. From the delicious ‘ Vegetable Couscous ‘ to the tempting ‘Baked Eggplants ‘ and the irresistible ‘ Roasted Potatoes with Different Sauces ‘, each dish is a gastronomic experience that will delight your senses and leave you wanting more.

Telephone:  876 650 739

The Retama

Quinoa salad with avocado sauce. Photo: La Retama
Quinoa salad with avocado sauce. Photo: La Retama 

Since its opening in 1989 on Reconquista Street, 4, La Retama has been a benchmark in Zaragoza for its commitment to proximity, seasonality, organic and integral products, and fair trade. Over the years, this restaurant has grown and evolved, incorporating new ingredients and perfecting its culinary art.

The essence of La Retama is reflected in the colorful presentation of its dishes, where ingredients such as broccoli, leek or spinach stand out with their freshness and naturalness. Each bite conveys the sensation of having been harvested at its optimal moment, adding an authentic and vibrant flavor to each culinary creation.

La Retama’s gastronomic offer includes a menu of the day , a varied menu and a special weekend menu, which allow vegan diners to enjoy a satisfying culinary experience.

  • Telephone:  976 397 910


Birosta's cuisine is distinguished by its homemade, natural and ecological approach. Photo: Birosta
Birosta’s cuisine is distinguished by its homemade, natural and ecological approach. Photo: Birosta

Located in the La Magdalena neighborhood , Birosta is a vegetarian restaurant that offers a warm and family atmosphere. Its philosophy is summarized in being “a cooperative of workers who, based on the need to expand the service of the vegetarian market and the offer and dissemination of healthy, ecological and natural products, develop a different and innovative project.”

Birosta’s cuisine is distinguished by its homemade, natural and ecological approach, where the quality and origin of the ingredients is prioritized. In its extensive menu, you can find various options ranging from potatoes, tapas, sandwiches and pizzas to irresistible desserts.

Birosta’s interior space is a true work of art in itself, decorated with temporary exhibitions by local artists that add a touch of creativity and originality to the environment. Additionally, the restaurant has a library dedicated to Frida Kahlo , providing a cultural space where diners can come into contact with this iconic artist.

One aspect that makes Birosta stand out even more is its commitment to dietary diversity, offering options suitable for vegans and celiacs , ensuring that all customers can enjoy an inclusive and satisfying culinary experience.

Telephone:  976 205 333

The Vegetable Pot

La Olla Vegetal offers a varied selection of vegetarian dishes. Photo: La Olla Vegetal
La Olla Vegetal offers a varied selection of vegetarian dishes. Photo: La Olla Vegetal

Located on Calle de Santa Teresa de Jesús , 9, near the San Francisco university campus, is La Olla Vegetal, one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Zaragoza . This self-service establishment stands out for its commitment to fresh and natural ingredients, prioritizing those of organic origin as much as possible.

La Olla Vegetal offers a varied selection of vegetarian dishes, with some specialties that stand out for their flavor and originality. Among its star dishes are vegetable fritters , legume burgers and quinoa croquettes, which delight diners with their delicious flavor and careful presentation.

With a quality gastronomic offer, La Olla Vegetal has become a meeting point for those looking for healthy and tasty options in the Aragonese capital.

  • Telephone:  976 55 56 45

La Piparra

Zucchini and pepper omelet. Photo: La Piparra
Zucchini and pepper omelet. Photo: La Piparra

This restaurant, located on Calle de Predicadores, 39 , stands out for its focus on vegetable, homemade and world cuisine, using local and proximity products as fundamental pillars of its gastronomic philosophy.

More than just a place to eat, La Piparra  evokes the feeling of being at home. From its cozy terrace to its living room with a sofa, its dining room and its library area, every corner is designed to offer a cozy and relaxed experience.

As for the culinary offering, La Piparra offers a vegan and homemade recipe book , where each dish is prepared with love and care, without using pre-prepared products.

Although they don’t have a daily menu, during the week they offer a combination plate that seeks to balance nutrition and explore flavors from around the world: from Japanese salads to Thai curries, Chinese noodles and Italian pasta . In addition, every day they surprise with a different cream, stew or soup, perfect to share and enjoy in good company.

  • Telephone:  876 161 987

How to get:

Restaurante los Helechos

Los Helechos Restaurant

On Corona de Aragón  Street, 3, you will find  Los Helechos Restaurant.  With several dining options, from individual dishes to set menus at affordable prices, this establishment has earned a special place in the hearts of its customers.

Fresh salads, comforting creams and vegetable pies are just some of the  vegetarian options that Los Helechos offers . You can also enjoy cannelloni or pasta accompanied by different sauces, which will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

And we must not forget the sweet moment at the end of the meal. Homemade desserts are an irresistible temptation

  • Telephone:  976 554 971

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