Zaragoza boasts of having the largest sundial in the world

It is 30 metres high and is overwhelming to see: the largest sundial in the world is in Zaragoza

Its figures say a lot about its size, although it is even more impressive in person. If you come to Zaragoza , you cannot leave without seeing the largest sundial in the world.

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The most impressive clock in the world is in Zaragoza . It also appears in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest sundial in the world, beating the one in  Jaipur,  India , in 2013 .    

And although its size is imposing, the punctuality of the 50-ton Zaragoza Multi-Box Solar Clock  is no less impressive: it is capable of telling the time with a margin of error of just 15 seconds. Impressive, isn’t it? 

Where is the largest sundial in the world?

The largest sundial in the world  is located in  Vadorrey (Zaragoza), specifically  in the extension of the Parque de Oriente next to the Puente de la Unión, near the Vadorrey River Port and Balbino Orensanz Street .

Weighing 50 tons and more than 30 meters high, it leaves you speechless when you see it.

The most impressive part of the Multijacaja-Zaragoza Sundial  is its  gnomon. That is, the 46-metre mast made of rusty steel that it uses to tell the time, which rises 30.343 metres above the ground and has a width of 1 metre . Its weight? As we have already mentioned, about  50 tonnes . 

And, as expected, to support the structure it has a concrete foundation.

In addition, it has interesting details, such as a commemorative plaque, the coat of arms of Zaragoza  and the schematic silhouette of an adult and a child made of wood on the front or south face of the gnomon.

As for the financing of the Zaragoza sundial , it was promoted by the Zaragoza City Council (owner of the monument) with money from the  2009 State Local Investment Fund and the help of Multicaja.

It is more accurate than a wristwatch

The Zaragoza sundial is more precise than a wristwatch, as its margin of error is 15 seconds . In addition, it can indicate with remarkable accuracy the  zodiac sign and approximately the day of the year . It also manages to mark the changes of seasons, the spring and autumn equinoxes, and the summer and winter solstices. What more could you ask for?

These calculations are possible from the so-called Clock Square , which has a time dial and astronomical symbols, which make up a total of approximately 3,000 marks .

This clock also manages to project a shadow of more than 500 metres in length. The tip of this shadow can move at a speed of 7 metres per minute on certain days, which allows its movement to be observed with the naked eye. Without a doubt, one of those monuments worth visiting.

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