La Romareda thus bids farewell to its stadium and its 'Eternal South Goal' with the first demolitions that will begin this Monday

From Michael Jackson to Metallica: La Romareda says goodbye to its cultural landmarks

There are many artists who have taken to the stages of La Romareda to thrill the public

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Bunbury ‘s return to the La Romareda stadium to give his last concert of the tour has put an end to a series of great artists who were lucky enough to perform in front of thousands of people in the stadium, as we know it now. There is no doubt that after its remodelling, new cultural events will be added to the list, but there are still years to go before La Romareda (or Nueva Romareda ) vibrates to the sound of music again.

Romareda is thus saying goodbye to its stadium and its “Eternal South Goal” with the first demolitions that will begin this Monday. In this first phase, the demolition works will affect the building of the former Urban Development Department, the El Cubo Building and the South Goal stand of the municipal stadium.

With the start of the works, nostalgia comes to the fore, recalling the numerous sporting milestones that La Romareda has experienced since that 8th of September 1957, which would start a long list of joys and some tragedies for Real Zaragoza . At the same time, the municipal stadium became the venue for Zaragoza ‘s major musical events , from a Michael Jackson that revolutionised the city to the emotional reunion of Héroes del Silencio .


It was 1983 when, for the first time, the doors of La Romareda opened to host a massive concert. More than 45,000 people packed the stadium to enjoy the music of Miguel Ríos , thus beginning an extensive list of artists who would swap the ball for a microphone. It was a macro-concert that brought Luz Casal and Leño as guest artists .

After that milestone, other singers arrived to make the stadium vibrate to the beat of their music, such as Joan Manuel Serrat or Franco Battiato , whose opening act was Héroes del Silencio . “El blues del esclavo” was one of the many songs sung by the very famous Mecano , who at that time had a long line of fans and more than 40,000 people witnessed that unique concert.

International artists also brought applause to the stadium, with the first star to start this custom being Sting in May 1988. Two years later, Tina Turner took to the stage, bringing together nearly 35,000 people who enjoyed a show that even included fireworks. After her, Dire Straits came to La Romareda on their farewell tour in 1992.

Many others took to the stage at the municipal stadium, but it was Michael Jackson who marked a turning point in the city’s history on 24 September 1996. The king of pop unleashed madness in Zaragoza singing to a devoted audience of 43,000 people. For two and a half hours, the singer made the Aragonese jump and enjoy his legendary dances, his staging and the special effects that remained forever etched in the memory of those present.

Gloria Estefan and Bruce Springsteen were the next international acts to perform at the municipal facilities. In 2004, Metallica arrived , unleashing all their energy in the only concert of the tour in Spain in front of a Zaragoza public that gave their all. Héroes del Silencio , disbanded in 1996, reunited for two unique concerts that took place at La Romareda, a dream come true for the fans of the Zaragoza native. After these, there were 15 years of musical drought in the stadium that Alejandro Sanz broke by celebrating his 30-year career in June 2022.

La Romareda has said goodbye (or see you soon) to its cultural events in the best possible way, with a concert by Bunbury who also said goodbye to the stage (for the moment) in his homeland with the tour of his latest album.

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