Aragon, among the safest Autonomous Communities in Spain and with almost 4 million tourists

Aragon, among the safest Autonomous Communities in Spain and with almost 4 million tourists

Last year, tourism in Aragon generated more than 90 million euros, mainly from Spanish tourists

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The presentation of the Safe Tourism Campaign in Aragon by the National Police and the Government delegate in Aragon has placed our community as one of the safest at a national level . With summer already underway and temperatures above 30 degrees in various parts of the province, national tourism in Aragon has increased significantly in recent years and, therefore, in the different Aragonese cities the National Police will intensify surveillance and prevention against possible criminal acts.

According to data from the Government Delegation in Aragon , tourism in “this land of contrasts that offers a varied offer throughout the territory”, according to the delegate Fernando Beltrán, represents 9% of the Aragonese GDP and 10% of employment in the community. Likewise, according to the Government delegate himself, “tourism acts as a vector of active fight against depopulation in Aragon, something that the Government of Spain has very much in mind”. In addition, in 2023 more than 90 million were invoiced from tourism , adding 3.81 million tourists , most of them from other communities in Spain.

The campaign was presented this morning by the delegate of the Government of Spain in Aragon, Fernando Beltrán, and the Chief of Police, Florentino Marín, who stressed the importance of guaranteeing the safety of people who choose Aragon as a destination and thus promoting the growth of one of the strategic sectors of the Community.

The Safe Tourism Plan implements specific measures to prevent crimes and provide assistance to visitors. These actions include preventive patrols, increased police presence in tourist areas and collaboration with other agencies to ensure security in hotels, restaurants and places of interest.

The Chief of Police, Florentino Marín , explained that “ Aragón is fighting between the third and fourth places in terms of the safest Autonomous Communities in Spain , always at the same level as Asturias or Extremadura”. Other of the safest autonomous communities are Navarra, the Canary Islands or Castilla y León.


The National Police has also established direct, two-way communication channels with the tourism sector. This allows for a rapid response to any emergency or incident, as well as the possibility of reporting risky situations or crimes. The plan will be in effect throughout the year, adapting to the specific needs of each season.

Its main objective is to permanently increase public safety in tourist areas and provide a safer environment for tourists during their stay in our country, autonomous community, city or municipality.

The aim is also to actively support and contribute to actions that benefit the Spanish tourism sector and cooperate in achieving a greater degree of trust and security. To this end, the National Police has provided tourist centres with leaflets and information posters warning and advising their clients on how to prevent the commission of crimes in which the victim is a tourist.

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