Dr. Schär's roots go back to 1922, in South Tyrol, in the heart of the Alps.

Dr. Schär will produce up to 3,000 gluten-free loaves of bread every hour from Alagón

It is the third production line of the Alagón plant, which exports 85% of its products to more than 130 countries.

Redacción Tuesday, July 9, 2024 / 17:09

The agri-food company Dr. Schär , leader in the gluten -free food market , has inaugurated this Tuesday its third production line at the company ‘s plant in the Zaragoza town of Alagón , which will allow the production of sliced ​​bread . With this line, they fulfil one of the company’s global objectives, which is the launch of new products onto the market that allow it to satisfy the demands of people with special nutritional needs.

This new production line is dedicated to the production of classic bread and also its cereal-based version. Currently, the figures point to a production of 3,000 units of gluten-free cereal-based bread per hour , of which 85% of the merchandise is exported globally.

In Spain, today, they are the leading brand in gluten-free food and sell more than 130 products that are 100% gluten-free and preservative- free , including breads, pastas, pizzas , ready-made dishes, sweet and savoury pastries , flours and mixes for home and out-of-home consumption, and a range of consumer-oriented services. They currently have more than 180,000 consumers in their database with whom they maintain a close relationship.

Dr. Schär ‘s roots date back to 1922, in South Tyrol, in the heart of the Alps, Europe , with the intention of making special nutrition a pleasant experience for people with special nutritional needs . Their values, responsibility, progress and proximity , have allowed them to position themselves as leaders in the gluten -free food products market not only in Spain but in Europe. In the Iberian Peninsula, their headquarters are located in Alagón (Zaragoza), where their central offices are currently located and where they have three production lines with global exports.

On behalf of Dr. Schär , the company’s general manager for Spain and Portugal, Pablo Bazco, has praised his “pride” in developing this project in “my land ” and, also, in ensuring that the products manufactured here “can be consumed in the rest of the world, in more than 80 countries “. “In these years, the greatest achievement we have achieved is not only meeting the planned sales and production objectives by far , but also having highly professional and committed teams with the company, which has allowed Dr. Schär to trust the Alagón plant to undertake the investments made in recent years when there are other locations that could also be worthy of them,” he pointed out. In this sense, he has highlighted that “we have become a strategic plant for the group and we will see more projects with the seal of Spain in the coming years.”

For the Vice President of the Government of Aragon and Minister of Economy, Mar Vaquero, the reality experienced at the Schär plant , with increased production and exports, is the “perfect example of how the Aragonese economy is currently doing ”. “A reality supported by new sectors and also by those that have been benchmarks in our history such as agri-food, increasing activity and turnover, increasing the number of workers , being excellent in the work they do, envisioning a future full of opportunities and exporting abroad the result of the work of the Aragonese”, she explained.

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