Lancia has presented the new Ypsilon in Madrid

The new Lancia Ypsilons assembled in Figueruelas will hit the roads in October

Lancia will also be launching a 100 HP Hybrid model, starting at 23,900 euros , or a 100% electric alternative with 156 HP and 403 kilometres of autonomy.

Raúl Gascón Tella Tuesday, July 9, 2024 / 17:17

The new Lancia Ypsilon , which has been in series production for two months on the lines of the Stellantis plant in Figueruelas , will hit the roads from October . The Italian car firm has opened this Monday the reservation period for this vehicle, which will have hybrid and electric versions and will be the third model with 100% green energy to leave the lines of the Zaragoza factory,  after the Opel Corsa and the Peugeot 208.

This was made clear on Monday during the presentation in Madrid of this new vehicle , which, as Lancia CEO Luca Napolitano pointed out, is part of a ten-year strategic plan that aims to “make Lancia a desirable, respected and credible brand in the European premium segment .” To do this, the company plans to establish collaborations with a dozen dealerships in Spain, including Pirenauto in Zaragoza , where the car can be tested. By 2025 , this network is expected to reach twenty .

In this way, Lancia will simultaneously put on sale a 100 HP Hybrid model , from 23,900 euros , or a 100% electric alternative with 156 HP and 403 kilometers of autonomy. “With a unique design that stands out for its elegant lines in which the contemporary meets the classic, this car incorporates advanced technology that is put at the service of comfort and driving pleasure in a simple and intuitive way,” says the company.

The innovative nature of the Lancia Ypsilon is evident in its exterior lighting system, which combines beauty, efficiency and low energy consumption. The on-board experience focuses on comfort and exclusivity , starting with the SALA (Sound Air Light Augmentation) interface, an innovative infotainment system that allows you to adapt the interior environment with a single button, controlling functions such as audio equipment, climate control and lighting.