This is how the tremor has been distributed. Photo: IGN

An earthquake with an epicenter in France is felt in Huesca

The National Geographic Institute has reported an intensity of 4.2 degrees

Redacción Tuesday, May 21, 2024 / 17:11

An earthquake of magnitude 4.2 on the Richter scale with its epicenter in the French Pyrenees was felt this Tuesday in the city of Huesca . More specifically, Bagneres de Bigorre originated around 11:37 am. This was reported by the National Geographic Institute minutes later.

Immediately afterwards, 112 Aragón confirmed that there were no personal injuries or injuries. Two days ago, another minor earthquake was detected near Lourdes and also in the Zaragoza town of Bagües , in the Cinco Villas .

According to the IGN, in addition to Huesca the tremor has reached intensity II in Barbastro , Monzón or Benasque . For its part, it would have reached level III in Baldellou, on the strip, Boltaña , Aínsa , Castejón de Sos, Sabiñánigo and Bielsa , among other towns.


Advice from 112 in case of earthquake
Advice from 112 in case of earthquake

In the event of an earthquake, 112 recommends staying away from places where objects may fall and seeking shelter under a roof or under a door frame. If you are on the street, it is advisable to stay away from buildings in case of possible collapses . Other tips include avoiding elevators or turning off the water and gas taps.

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